Andrea was classic! So is PA #21?

By meteomorris on 2 March 2014 · 0

PowderAlert #20, or better depression Andrea, brought a lot of freshies to the Alps. According to my forecast, the most snow would come down in the Piemonte and that's exactly what happened. They locally had around two meters of freshies in 36 hours. Okay, one more time: 200 centimeters in 36 hours. Alagna in the Monte Rosa is now more looking like a ski village on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Check out the picturesof blogger 49 who is enjoying the mother of all winters in Alagna.

Japan? No, Alagna
Japan? No, Alagna

The snow came down in the Piemonte, the south of Wallis, the northern regions of Ticino and the French Alps. It was on! And because the temperature dropped, the quality of the snow will be okay for a while.

Lots of freshies in Switzerland
Lots of freshies in Switzerland

Andrea is leaving

Today is a great day in lots of regions in the Alps. A new front from the west is coming in on Monday. Storm depression Andrea that dominated the southern and western parts of the Alps the last couple of days is losing her grip on the Alps. But a new storm depression called Christina is already knocking on the door. She'll bring snow in the French Alps in the night from Sunday to Monday and this snowfall will expand to the other regions of the Alps later and will stick around in the central part of the Alps.

Bye Andrea, welcome Christine
Bye Andrea, welcome Christine

PowderAlert #21

Especially this last fact (that the front will stick around for a while in the central Alps) is creating a very interesting scenario. A Genua layer is forming on Tuesday. And a last-minute Genua-low can result in some pretty crazy stuff. Just check out what Andrea caused during PowderAlert #20! Another Genua-low this time, but with a huge difference.


Andrea was followed immediately by Christina, but Christina seems to bring a low pressure area to the Gulf of Genua after which a high pressure area is allowed to settle between the Alps and the Atlantic. The Alps will have to deal with a north(eastern) current as a result in this might bring some snow to the northern regions in Austria. This can be expected between Tuesday and Wednesday.

A northeastern current

After that, a high pressure area will take over and the Alps can get ready for some sunny days, that are pretty cold for the time of the year. But everything with some reservation. There's nothing that unpredictable as a Genua-low. It gives me some time to ride some powder here in Hokkaido, Japan. It was snowing all day and tomorrow will be a powder day!

More on Monday!

Stay stoked



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