PA #26: After snowfall comes...

By meteomorris on 16 April 2014 · 0

Powpow in Austria
Powpow in Austria

PowderAlert #25 was a good one for the higher alpine areas in Austria. Above 2200 meters, around 35-60 centimeters of freshies came down in just 48 hours, so everything is nice and white again for Easter. And that was pretty necessary. Winter came back and repaired the slush puppy snow. It's colder and there are freshies, but the wind is causing a lot of drift snow. Not deep winter, but cold enough for nice conditions. But remember that the position of the sun and the high temperatures will cause the drift snow to settle fast. Check your local avalanche bulletin every day and adapt your plans to it.

New low pressure area developing
New low pressure area developing

Sunny for a while

High pressure area Olaf will bring some sunny and warmer weather, but in the meanwhile a new depression is getting ready to bring snow to the Alps. Her name? Quendolin. She's coming in from the northwest, but will bring most snow to the south. It's not quite sure where the motherload will come down, because Quendolin isn't an easy lady. She's pushing herself across the Alps and will split up in several low pressure areas that will form a belt west and south of the Alps. This will result in snowfall in the northern Alps on Friday and Saturday, and it will move to the southern Alps after that.

Low pressure belt south and west of the Alps
Low pressure belt south and west of the Alps

The situation south of the Alps will remain pretty unstable. On Saturday, during Easter and the days after snow/rain showers will form south of the Alps. The bad news? The snow line will rise from 1100 meters on Saturday to 2000 meters on Tuesday. And that's what we call bad news. The snow cover will get heavier and the chance on wet snow avalanches is rising. Not the perfect moment…Especially because the situation will remain unstable and it will keep snowing (or raining) from time to time. There will be some sunshine however and you'll be able to ride some nice powder above 2200 - 2500 meters. You'll have to look for the higher resorts in the main alpine ridge, skip the longer tours and bring a good Goretex jacket.

Everything is still pretty unstable, so you can expect the next update on Friday with more tips.

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