PA #5: Snow line was high, go east!

By meteomorris on 4 January 2015 · 1

Lots of freshies in Arosa
Lots of freshies in Arosa

It's still snowing in Zauchensee
It's still snowing in Zauchensee

The warm front was there for quite a long time and the snow line was just too high. Especially around the Arlberg the temperatures were high and the snow line dropped really late. A lot of snow came down in the higher alpine in Tyrol (but they also had a lot of wind).

Freshies AND wind in the Pitztal
Freshies AND wind in the Pitztal

It will continue to snow (as expected) in the east today and the temperatures also dropped over there. The western parts of Switzerland will probably get a couple of centimeters as well. The advice still is to go to the east for PowderAlert #5. The next 24 hours they can expect another 20-30 centimeters of freshies falling deep into the valleys. The east is the best place for powder the next couple of days. Even in the higher parts of Graubünden, the Swiss northern alpine ridge and Wallis is powder to be found.

Freshies the next 24 hours
Freshies the next 24 hours

Where to go?

For the majority of Europe the holidays are over. Which means there aren't that much people in the backcountry on Monday and powder stress is as good as gone. There is also plenty of accommodation to be found. I just looked at availability in Zauchensee and the nearby and much cheaper Altenmarkt. There is plenty to be found. Search and I'm sure you'll find something in the northern Alps that suits you.

The entire Northern Alps are in a much better condition, but for the best snow you head towards Austria. Or better yet the East of Austria. There is a lot of snow and there is much more on its way. In addition, the temperature will be much lower.

Another update tomorrow!

Stay stoked,



  • Powdernick
    Powdernick op 4 January 2015 · 12:44
    It appears that my smugness and gloating last season about the Southern Alps getting the goods and the northern Alps not, is coming back to bite me in the arse. And I see ANOTHER big storm on the horizons for the northern Alps.
    Ski ya later.


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