Two awesome days in the Zillertal

By AlexHooftman on 10 February 2015 · 1

The snowconditions in Zillertal were quite okay above 1800 meters, but thanks to PowderAlert #9 the valley got white again and Tim and I had one of the best days in our lives. Shredding one face, all day long, next to the lift without any competition, it was like a dream.

The whole face for ourselves! No competition at all!
The whole face for ourselves! No competition at all!

At the end of the day we were pumped to continue but the lifts were closing and we had to get back to our area. We ended our day with a cold beer and made plans for the next day; lets do a small tour so we could both do two lines. With that said we were in the lift at 9 o'clock next morning, skinned up and rode our lines. One with a better outcome than the other.



Thanks to the awesome conditions we shot about the same amount of footage as the whole other month before... maybe even more. Enjoy!

Season Ender?

On our second day, the touring day, the snow was transformed into hardpack already. I made a small mistake estimating the height of a cliff, couldn't really absorb the landing and fell in a bad way during my last run. We traversed to the lift, in pain, skied down and went to a doctor. I had the feeling this would be the end of my season, no more skiing and a long recovery. After the doctor pulled and turned around my knee for a little bit he told me I had a tear in my MCL. All I really cared about is how long the recovery would take. One month without skiing is what he told me.

That'll be a brace for the next month
That'll be a brace for the next month

There is still hope!

After I got home I called my physio for advice. A lot of rest is what she told me, especially in the beginning. And DON'T go skiing before your knee is stable again, a torn mcl can fully recover, if I don't listen and go skiing anyway I could really damage my knee which will never recover again, meaning I could never ski again on the same level I'm doing it right now... well she didn't have to say that twice. She gave me a whole list with exercises and its time to recover! Never have I been so driven to do other sports and exercises. But if I have to spend a whole month without skiing and spending inside I'd rather get out of it stronger.


  • MaxGroppfeldt
    MaxGroppfeldt op 16 February 2015 · 05:47
    Which face are you talking about if you don't mind me asking? Is it in the Zillertal Arena system towards gerlos?


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