PA#14: where to go?

By meteomorris on 22 February 2015 · 0

Yes, it is ON again, PowderAlert #14 is coming up and the long term offers great perspectives with PA #15. This winter is getting on fire. And is one you just don't want to miss.

Aftermath #PA13

Around 30-70 centimeters of freshies came down between Friday and Sunday. Locally even 80 centimeters in the west and south. As expected, it was already sunny on Sunday in the west and still cloudy in the east. The tree runs around the Ecrins, Piedmont, Ticino, Gotthard (A**t) and Lombardia were of exceptional quality and even in the Haute Savoie and western Valais you could find great powder between the trees. The reports said it all.



Bleubird in Puy Saint Vincent
Bleubird in Puy Saint Vincent

But then again, it wasn't as good as EPIC PowderAlert #12. Compare the reports above, with the ones from Macugnaga last week. Winter in the Alps started late, but who still has not had his fix of powder in the Alps must get his gear right now and head to the Alps next week.

But after a sunny day in the west a new front is coming in on Monday. A new storm named Uli is waiting on the Atlantic and this will bring a sh*tload of snow to the entire northern Alps (including the French northern Alps), but also to the southeastern Alps. With this new dump, the complete Alps are covered with freshies. We had PowderAlert #12 for the Piemonte, followed by PowderAlert #13 for the west and south and PowderAlert #14 will start on Tuesday.

Storm Uli
Storm Uli

Storm Uli is a pretty big storm and will go as low as 950 hPa. And that's really low. As usual, the wind first turns to the south, which explains why Monday starts mild and sunny. But a warm front will come in from the west soon and it will start snowing in the west. The snow line will be pretty high at first, but because of the fact that the cold front already arrives on Tuesday, the snow line will drop rapidly from the northwest.

It will snow between Monday evening and Wednesday evening. It will snow continuously, you'll see some sun every now and then, but snowfall will dominate the weather. It will snow in the northern Alps from Grenoble to far in Steiermark and even the Southern Alps East will pick up some freshies. It will remain dry in the rest of the Alps.

Snow in the northern Alps the next four days
Snow in the northern Alps the next four days


On Monday you'll find the best conditions in the Southern Alps. There is still to fresh snow to be found, while they're waiting in the northern Alps for Uli to arrive. You can ride great tree runs away and have to head to the northwest from Tuesday. Powder advice from Sunday to Monday:

PowderAlert #14, where to go?

Snow from the northwest on Monday night. It takes a while before it arrives in the east, thus my advice for riding great powder on Tuesday is the following:

After Tuesday is ON in the complete northern Alps, noting that the pre-Alps pick up more snow than the resorts in the main alpine ridge. Opt for tree runs so you can actually see something. It's on from Wednesday in:

The sun will come out on Thursday, causing some powder stress above the tree line and from Friday possibly PowderAlert #15. What, how and where it is still not quite sure because the models are still going back and forth. But more about PA #15 the next couple of days. Let's first enjoy PA #14.

Because a lot of traveling in planes, trains and automobiles, you can expect the next update around wednesday morning/ evening.

Stay stoked



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