First snowfall below treeline

By meteomorris on 20 September 2015 · 0

It's been written in the stars for a while and now it's also visible in a majority of the weather models. A small low pressure is on the move above the North Sea on Wednesday and is bringing cold air to the Alps. There's only a small window and high pressure is around the corner to push the cold air away, but there is snow visible on the maps.

Check out the map below by 3bmeteo. An active cold front (the blue line) is heading to the Alps from the northwest. The Mistral and Bora winds are kicking in and north of the Alps there's a north stau coming up.

Cold air coming in on Wednesday (c)

Because of the high pressure area coming in from the west, the most snowfall is expected for the eastern part of the Alps. The core of the precipitation is planned for the main alpine ridge between Austria and Italy with some precipitation for the Ortler area as well.

Snow for Wednesday

If we have a look at the local forecasts for Wednesday (but also at the forecast list), you see the snowline drop below treeline for the first time this season. It is temporary, but cold and fresh snow is good news for the glaciers.

Snowline will drop

It will be white in the Alps on Thursday and Friday. A southwestern wind will kick in right after, causing the temperatures to rise and winter will be far away again.

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