Some freshies and after that: Hurricane Powder

By meteomorris on 7 October 2015 · 0

Storm Rolf arrived in the Alps yesterday. His arrival brought some snowfall at high altitude in Wallis and the French Savoie, but because the cold air didn't manage to push the warm air away, the amounts of snow that came down weren't that big. There's another dusting on the mountains, but not more than that. The front continued his travel to Austria and the glaciers are getting some freshies there right now.

Stubaier glacier this morning

The temperature will drop even further on Thursday, but most of the precipitation will be already gone. Storm Rolf didn't deliver. Let's have a look at the next storm: ex-hurricane Joaquin. The storm is crossing the Atlantic at the moment and is visible on the weather maps.

Coming in from the let: Joaquin

It is the first big tropical storm of the season. Two reasons for keeping an eye on this storm:

  • Hurricane surf

  • A new retour d'est?

Hurricane surf

The Quiksilver Pro France started yesterday and this is probably one of the best surf events in Europe. The best surfers in the world gather in Hossegor and you can follow the action on the livestream. And Joaquin will bring a solid swell. Our friends from Magicseaweed even made a special contest forecast. It will be epic.

A new retour d'est?

But okay, we're not a surfing, but a powder website and Joaquin is still the one to watch if you're a skier or snowboarder. Preferably computer run after computer run, because Joaquin doesn't really no what to do yet. And that makes this so exciting. What's certain is that the models show a dominant high pressure area north of the Alps, forcing Joaquin to head to the Mediterranean. And low pressure in the Mediterranean means increased chances of snowfall for the southern side of the Alps. If someone brings in some cold temperatures, we might have the jackpot.

Will Joaquin pick a more southern direction?

This measurement is supported by more and more weather models. The temperatures could drop after the weekend with snow deep into the valleys. Even west and north of the main alpine ridge we might expect some freshies. It will be exciting days. A new update tomorrow with further analyzes.

Stay stoked



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