Powder in October!

By meteomorris on 12 October 2015 · 0

The former hurricane Joaquin is crossing the Atlantic for over a week now. But his mission to reach the European continent finally seems to succeed!

Joaquin is approaching Europe
Joaquin is approaching Europe

With the arrival of Joaquin the conspiracy of low pressure areas above the Mediterranean has been formed. Four storm depressions are ruling the weather between Portugal and the Black Sea. Storm depressions that are fed by the warm water from the Mediterranean on one side and cold air from Siberia on the other side. In Russia, the first snow already came down and this snow cover ensures that the temperature during the day no longer rises above zero. And this cold air is coming to Europe due to a (north)eastern current.

snow in Siberia
snow in Siberia

Moist air + low pressure + cold(er) air = jackpot. The whole week has been and will remain unstable in the Alps. The snow line will slowly drop towards 1000 meters altitude during the weekend. But we are not there yet. The first precipitation will fall in the night of Monday. A front is crossing the Alps from the southwest and will bring snow above 2500 meters tonight and on Tuesday. A cold front will provide colder temperatures in the night to Tuesday.

A similar scenario will follow right after. It will start snowing from the southwest at first and the cold front will kick in during the night to Wednesday. It will be party time after Wednesday. Joaquin joins forces and is coming in from the south. The cold temperatures from the east arrive at the same time and this will get the party started. The snow line will drop on Thursday and it will snow all the time. Same scenario for Friday, with snow deep into the valleys.

This is the October dump we've been waiting for. Will it be good enough to get out there? It probably will be. I'll publish more details the next couple of days, with some advice on where to go this weekend and the days after on Thursday. Meanwhile, have a look at at [our snow maps] (http://wepowder.com/forecast) and the top resorts that are listed below.

Stay stoked


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