Where. Is. The. Snow?

By meteomorris on 9 November 2015 · 0

There's no movement in the jetstream at all. The problem is that we expect that jetstream to bring snow to the Alps. There's a small chance that cold air and snowfall will reach the east of Austria on Friday, but chances are high that the weather will be warm and dry again right after. The weather models aren't showing that much of improvement, but we're all longing for some freshies in the Alps!

Red colored snow maps
Red colored snow maps

To Norway?

In the meanwhile the snow maps for Scandinavia are coloring red, but when you scroll down to the list below you will immediately see the high snow line warning. You can see it even better if you click on any area. This is all due to the mixture of incoming and outgoing warm and cold fronts. The freezing level drops towards the base of the lowest lifts, a day later it rises to the highest peaks. The relatively warm Gulf Stream off the coast is responsible for these complications. The fire red on the maps is therefore still just for the highest peaks. The freezing level will really drop during the weekend, when the jet stream can be found further south, but chances are that the freezing level will go up after the weekend again. It's a great week for a good base for the highest peaks in Scandinavia, but there all still too many uncertainties for a PowderAlert.

It's on in the PNW
It's on in the PNW

To North America?

The snow maps for the PNW (Pacific Northwest) all turning red. Cold and warm fronts are playing with the snowline here as well but a resort like Whistler-Blackcomb have plenty of high peaks to ride powder for the next six days. A warm front with some mild winds from the southwest will arrive on Thursday, but a cold front will follow during the weekend. The snowline will drop to the base of the mountain, bringing powder to the GLC and Merlins. More details and #PA2 for North America tomorrow.

The Canadian Rockies will get their share as well the next couple of days. The snow line will be quite high at first, but will drop during the weekend. The ski areas in the US will get some snow from Monday till Thursday, but the temperature will rise during the weekend and they'll have to wait for the jetstream to move south again.

The PNW therefore has the best cards and that is remarkable, because it's an El Niño year. And wasn't it warmer and drier in the PNW when El Niño is on? More about El Niño and La Niña later this week!

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