The snow cover in Switzerland is 4 times thicker than normal!

By meteomorris on 26 November 2015 · 4

The snow cover in Switzerland is locally up to four times thicker than normal for this time of the year. It concerns the ski areas north and west of the northern alpine ridge. South of that ridge the snowpack is thinner than normal.

A thick snow cover in the north west
A thick snow cover in the north west

Especially the ski areas in the Northern Alps West that got a lot of freshies last week have a thick snow cover. It's no surprise that you'll find the most resorts that will open their lifts this weekend are situated in that region.

Snowfall last week
Snowfall last week

The snow cover north of the northern alpine ridge is between 50-120 centimeter at 2000 meter altitude. And remember that it's only the end of November.

Snow cover that's around 50-120 cm
Snow cover that's around 50-120 cm

The French northern Alps and the Voralberg in Austria also got a lot of snow and the snow cover is thicker than normal over there as well.

It's a great start for the northwest of the Alps. The other regions in Austria are up next! The French southern Alps and the Italian Alps will have to wait for a good dump!


  • mariocarlos
    mariocarlos op 29 November 2015 · 11:23
    Hello Meteomorris. Is it possible to make the pics in your blogs clickable. Like for example I wanted to check out the exact border of the snowpack bit it is not possible as I cannot zoom in in the pic nor click it to make it bigger.
  • glenncz
    glenncz op 29 November 2015 · 14:49
    Use Ctrl +
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 1 December 2015 · 11:55
    @mariocarlos did you use the @glenncz trick? And? Better?
    May the powder be with you.
  • mariocarlos
    mariocarlos op 22 December 2015 · 14:30
    @meteomorrisI saw it and its better. Nevertheless the possibility to open the pics in a light box would be a very nice feature to add. Overall I love the design Meteomorris you become better every season!!


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