It will start snowing in 2016

By meteomorris on 27 December 2015 · 2

Our patience is put to the test, but the indications for The Big Changer are getting stronger. Where, when and how much fresh snow will come down is still written in the stars. It is still too early to really tell you when and where the snow will come down. Simply because the major weather models are coming up with new results every time. Will the snow line be high or low? Or will significant cold air come in from the east? A question that I've been cracking my brain on for a week, but I still doesn't have an answer.

The weather in December

I wasn't too optimistic about two weeks ago. I could only see high temperatures without precipitation on the maps. And unfortunately I was right. Out of sheer desperation I dived deeper into some studies, mainly because the weather maps weren't showing any changes. First there was the prediction of the Climate Prediction Center that we could expect some significant snowfall in January. Then I started searching for an explanation of the fact that there is no precipitation. I stumbled upon the Polar Vortex and its influence on the snowfall in Europe and Asia in October. I wrote a short article that freshies were expected in the beginning of 2016. The extreme drought that we're experiencing in the Alps has to do with a combination of cold air over the Arctic we rarely see. A situation that normally no longer holds longer than 45-60 days. For many of you this story brought some hope, but still there was no precipitation visible on the maps.

The Big Change

Fortunately, the last couple of days I see a lot of indications that The Big Change is coming up. These indications are still the ones mentioned in my last forecast. Conclusion: our patience is put to the test. Any advice from my part is still too early. My advice for now: wait, wait, wait (check out the 10 tips on how to plan your powder trip). The next couple of days will tell when we can ride powder again.

But let's start dreaming a bit:

  • The first snow will be for the west of the Alps (French Alps)
  • The snow line will be quite high at first
  • Still pretty warm
  • Cold temperatures and snowfall right after!

Stay stoked, Morris


  • tch
    tch op 27 December 2015 · 19:12
    For now a snow wave is coming to the Balkans, so if you want to ride powder asap have that in mind.
  • Tomehb
    Tomehb op 28 December 2015 · 17:58
    Makes me sad, In Slovenia was hoping to Head to Austria.....


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