PowderAlert for western Norway!

By meteomorris on 27 January 2016 · 5

It's ON in Norway. Without freshies and cold temperatures in the Alps and a jetstream that's sending a lot of snow to the west of Norway, it's definitely is an option to travel to the (south)west of Norway. The days are getting longer and you can find a great base over there. There are a lot of freshies in the forecast and you only have to take a look at the snow maps and you know that it will be ON! Don't you love the red colors?! In this forecast:

  • Cold temperatures and snowfall in the forecast
  • Norway already has a good base
  • PowderAdvice: southwest is the best

Red colors on the maps
Red colors on the maps

Cold temperatures and snowfall in the forecast

It was pretty mild in western Norway the last couple of days and it rained up to high altitude. But the cold air returned and a current that's coming from the west to southwest is bringing cold and humid air to Norway. This will result in a lot of snow for the ski areas in the southwest of Norway. The jet stream is south of Norway right now and this results in cold air for Scandinavia. Norway should be a serious option if you want to ride powder the next 7-10 days. Check out the resorts that will get the most freshies below and check the complete list with resorts here.

Norway already has a good base

There wasn't that much precipitation in the Alps in November and December, but it was already snowing heavily in western Norway during those months. They also had quite a lot of snow the recent weeks. This resulted in a good base that will only get better next week!

PowderAdvice: southwest is the best

You can easliy reach norway via the airports of Bergen and Oslo, or you could consider to take the boat. Keep in mind that once in Norway travel times are much longer, especially with intense snowfall. A distance of 150 kilometers will easily take three hours. But you will be rewarded with lots of snow, adventure and Norwegian culture! Powder tips for the next couple of days:

You'll find these resorts in the southwest of Norway. If you have any questions or tips, you can share them in the comments below!

Stay stoked! Morris


  • JAndersB
    JAndersB op 27 January 2016 · 16:57
    Once again you are missing out on the leading snow depth resort of Myrkdalen....
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 28 January 2016 · 09:53
    @JAndersB True!! We will add them to our list once we launch anew update of the site!
    May the powder be with you.
  • Srlomme
    Srlomme op 28 January 2016 · 12:56
    Watch out for closed montain roads from Oslo and across to the west coast. With this forecast it will most likely close down. Just a heads up.
  • Gluhwein
    Gluhwein op 28 January 2016 · 15:27
    Why would you want to add Myrkdalen on here??? I really REALLY want it for myself...
  • martinsalem
    martinsalem op 28 January 2016 · 17:47
    winds and temps can be a problem... better wait till the storm has passed. but snow will be wind packed and possibly wet


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