PA#6: already up to 66 cm of freshies!

By meteomorris on 3 February 2016 · 2

It's snowing in the northern Alps since Wednesday. Already around 30-60 cm of freshies came down and you can expect more snow in the northern Alps the next 36 hours. Winter is back! You can definitely find some great snow today and tomorrow. But don't wait too long, cause there's a nasty wind coming from the south. The current will move to the west again after the weekend, resulting in freshies for the west and northwest of the Alps. In this forecast:

  • Up to 66 cm of freshies already
  • The first southern Stau of winter 15/16
  • Snow for the western Alps again
  • Test your knowledge about avalanches and snow safety for free!

Lots and lots of freshies in Engelberg
Lots and lots of freshies in Engelberg

Up to 66 cm of freshies already

It's ON! It's snowing intense in the French northern Alps and rest of the northern Alps. Already 30-60 cm of freshies came down and there's much more to come the next couple of hours. You'll feel a hard base layer, but it won't take long before you can ride bottomless powder in the northern Alps. The sun will come out from the west today, but it will keep on snowing in Switzerland and Austria for a while. The snow line will drop even deeper in the valley. You'll find the best conditions from Hasliberg in the west to the Kleinwalsertal in the east (in regions: the Berner Oberland, Vorarlberg and the west of Tyrol). This leads to the PowderAdvice below:

Thursday and Friday will be great in:

  1. Vorarlberg and Tyrol,
  2. Berner Oberland and Glanerland,
  3. Haute Savoie and the west of Wallis,
  4. The northwest of the Savoie and Isère .

Friday will be pretty good in the north of the Salzburgerland and Steiermark as well, but the temperature will rise rapidly pretty soon after Friday. Saturday will be quite alright in the northern Alps, but a strong and warm wind from the south will kick in on Sunday.

Jetstream to the southwest
Jetstream to the southwest

The first southern Stau of winter 15/16

The first southern Stau of the season is getting closer and closer. Sunday and Monday just might be days with lots of snow for the southern Alps. But remember, there's no such thing as a base in the southern Alps, so I wouldn't go there. That's different for the western Alps!

Go West!
Go West!

Snow for the western Alps again

The west will get hammered again from Tuesday and it just might snow for a long time. PowderAlert #7 could be a good one! But let's enjoy PowderAlert #6 first.

Test your knowledge about avalanches and snow safety for free!

More and more people venture off-piste, but not everybody has the right knowledge and the right gear. Already 30 people died because of avalanches this winter. Do you have the right knowledge to ride off-piste? Test it yourself and start with the first capital of the Mountain Academy for free! No knowledge? Stay on the marked slopes or hire a mountain guide!

Stay stoked. Morris


  • aistis
    aistis op 4 February 2016 · 16:53
    Awesome, any news on February 11 th will there be powder in Val thorens and till 21 th?
  • Palle-Kuling
    Palle-Kuling op 4 February 2016 · 23:39
    Hi. Courmayeur is high on the lists and it seems it has been up there for some time, although it remains just outside of your recommended areas. Is it on the wrong side of main ridge? Same for la Thuile / Rosiere?
    We are setting off from Zurich on saturday, looks like heading west is best option. Any advice in particular, we always like a smaller place without to much stress for the powder. Is a place like Elm (for the forest) to low to have snow remaining?


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