Powderrrrrrrrrr Alerts #17 and #18 are ON!

By meteomorris on 23 February 2018 · 0

It will get cold, a lot of snow has fallen on the eastern and southern sides of the Alps, and more snow will come down the next couple of days. Check the video weather forecast below and you know where to go.

It will get really cold in the Alps from Sunday, but there is still around 50-100 cm of fresh snow in the forecast for the Apennines and the Piedmont at somewhat higher temperatures. Cold snow on top of a warmer layer of snow. It will not get much better. In this forecast:

  • PowderAlert #17 for the eastern Alps and the Apennines
  • PowderAlert #18 for the Piedmont and the Apennines
  • Cold management will be important
  • A new storm from Wednesday (PA#19)

PowderAlert #17 for the eastern Alps and the Apennines

PowderAlerts #17 is ON in the southeast of the Alps and the Apennines since Thursday. The ski areas on the southern border of Styria, the southeast of Carinthia and large parts of Slovenia have great conditions. PA #17 is ON for the Apennines: (Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna). In ski areas like Abetone and Cimone you can certainly enjoy yourself for a few days.

PowderAlert #18 for the Piedmont and the Apennines

The video above is from Artesina. Around 40 cm of fresh snow came down there since yesterday. Artesina is located in the southern Piedmont and it just keeps on snowing. The same applies for the western Piedmont where 35 cm already came down in Prali. It will keep on snowing today (Friday) and it will snow heavily on Saturday.


Meanwhile, it keeps on snowing in the Apennines. It was already good over there and this weekend will be good as well. PowderAlert #18 is ON from today until Tuesday in:

Cold management will be important

It will be cold in the Alps from Sunday. As in: very cold. You can expect temperatures (far) below -20 degrees Celsius in the mornings. Cold management will be important. The snow is getting so cold that sliding is difficult and runs in the shade are very cold. Ride with the sun on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, so that the sun can warm you up.

A new storm from Wednesday (PA#19)

A new storm will hit the Alps from Wednesday. The biggest chances for snow at the moment are for the southern French Alps and the south side of the Alps. It becomes warmer. More details on Sunday/Monday.

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