PA#5: go east or go touring

By meteomorris on 28 December 2018 · 1

The countdown to 2019 has begun. The year ends sunny and relatively mild in large parts of the Alps. The exception is the east of Austria where a lot of snow will fall on Sunday and Monday. Check out the last video forecast of 2018 below.

I had some doubts whether we should call it a PowderAlert, but eventually decided it actually is. The expected maximum snow accumulations fluctuate between 30 and 50 cm, depending on the chosen weather model. And that is exactly enough to start the year with fresh powder. There are also some challenges. The wind is strong and the fresh snow falls on a rain crust. Expect some tricky avalanche conditions.

Where to go?

There are two options to ride powder until the end of 2018:

  • West, southwest and northwest of the Alps: touring, because there is still cold powder to be found despite the cold weather on the northern slopes above 2000-2200 meters.
  • Go East: the northeast of Austria will get fresh snow. Think of the north of Styria, the north of the Salzburgerland and Oberosterreich and Niederosterreich.

As wePowder Pro you get access to the 14-day snow and weather maps and the 14-day forecast per resorts (we've got all the resorts in the Alps covered). You never have to miss a dump anymore. When you are wePowder Pro you also have access to 1000+ inspirational freeride routes in the most beautiful freeride areas of the Alps. Sign up as wePowder Pro today. It works great for your karma as well and you'll support the development of the wePowder platform! Thanks!

Enjoy the last couple of days of 2018!

Stay stoked, Morris


  • rich_a_potter
    rich_a_potter op 30 December 2018 · 11:17

    our UK forecasters are talking about a Sudden Stratospheric Warming event at the moment - is this showing up in your models and is it likely to influence your forecasts ?


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