Landscape of Dreams

By wittelijnen on 13 February 2019 · 3

From the early start of winter Austria got overwhelmed by snow. A true record winter. With a few phone calls we formed a small crew of three flatland skiers that juggle live to ski abundantly. All not so acquainted with Austria and it’s true freeride heritage around St Anton am Arlberg.

Magical landscape

In a tight week we scored some more then awesome skiing. Stacked cold snow and mid winter sun formed the decor. Easy accessible freeride routes and so much spicy terrain in it’s neighboring sections. Not knowing what to expect we arrived childly clueless with big ambitions. Wandering around this immense ski domain. We got more then spoiled with all the intense skiing we got in. Outside from dusk to dawn, soaking up the surroundings, to catch every glimpse of our version of Austrian freeride heritage .

Made by

A short film project by Paul de Groot, Koen Bakkers and talented skier & filmmaker Loic Isliker. All for the obsessive love of skiing. Our gratitude towards St Anton am Arlberg & Arlen Lodge Hotel.


  • Hayduke
    Hayduke op 13 February 2019 · 12:48
    Well that has brightened my day. Beautiful.
  • Camusch
    Camusch op 13 February 2019 · 21:00
    great stuff there, when in the year was this filmed?
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 13 February 2019 · 23:01
    @Camusch last week
    May the powder be with you.


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