Live: deep powder in Canada

By meteomorris on 12 January 2020 · 4

It is ON in Canada. While it is dry and mild in the Alps, British Columbia is getting hammered with dry cold powder. Storms found their way to the mountains and in Revelstoke they experience the 3rd best winter of the past 13 years. Since the start of the measurements this season, 636 cm of fresh snow has fallen already.

The result is that the snow cover is already there 330 cm thick an the end of the storm cycle is not yet in sight. At the same time we have preety mediocre conditions in the Alps and the long term is still very unclear and not without risks. Any new snow taht will fall in the near future will accumulate on a very old snow pack which will guarantee avalanche. Combine this with powder panic after a dry spell and you know that a nwe storm will certainly cause problems in the Alps.

Meanwhile, a group of friends is already en route in British Columbia and the images below say everything. It is deep, it is magic.

January 20th, Arjen, me and a large group of other riders leave for Canada for the ultimate road trip along the Powder Highway. We start by visting some ski resorts, and we will then make some stops at perhaps the most beautiful gems of BC. We will end the trip with 3.5 days of heliskiing in the largest area of CMH: Revelstoke.

One spot left for the ultimate trip

There is one spot left for this ultimate trip. You can choose to come with us for the entire trip or just enjoy the heli for a few days. Flights are competitively priced at this time via Air Canada and the snow is there, so why not joins us? You can find some details about this trip here. Do you have any questions? Do you want to know all the ins and outs? Do not hesitate to call directly with Cloud9 or to contact Arjen or me.

All photo's by: Justin Nan


  • heinzmannaaron
    heinzmannaaron op 16 January 2020 · 08:31
    Wow, looks really nice!

    Are you sailing over the ocean to get to Canada?
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 16 January 2020 · 08:53
    @heinzmannaaron thanks. Since 2 years I compensate every trip I do through
    This is a Swiss programme. They are trustworthy and are very transparent and verbal about the successes of the specific projects. The programm has a built-in calculator.

    I even compensate my trips to the Alps for which I use my car or public transport.
    I always double the outcome of the calculations and then pay to compensate my offset.
    As long as governments are not charging a CO2 tax it is the least I can do to travel and enjoy my adventures carbon neutral.

    What do you do to offset your carbon footprint? Maybe we can learn something about it.
    May the powder be with you.
  • Nidhugg
    Nidhugg op 16 January 2020 · 22:57
    Hope you have a great trip!
    But it is an important question. I compensate my and my familys total carbon footprint with the swedish organisation . That is also an organisation that I know is serious, with competent people and good transparancy. But even so, I have reduced my flying a lot. We are now testing to go down to the alps from Sweden with a Tesla, to try a low carbon footprint way of traveling. But what I really would like to see are trains from northern to central Europe with sleeping carriages so you go to bed in Denmark/Northern Germany and wake up in Switzerland.
    *message edited by Nidhugg op 16 Jan 2020 22:58
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 17 January 2020 · 12:20
    @Nidhugg thanks! I agree with the trains. I love to travel with the train, you see the landscape changing and don't have the airport rush.
    Looking forward to your experiences when traveling to the Alps with your tesla. Could you share the cons and pros with us after your trip?
    May the powder be with you.


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