Lots of snow, higher temps and PA #9!

By meteomorris on 17 February 2016 · 0

It's snowing heavily at the moment on the border of Italy-Austria-Slovenia. And it will keep on snowing until Thursday morning. The sun will come out and a weak front will reach the northwest of the Alps. The temperatures (and the snow line) will rise on Saturday. Sunday will be quite warm, but PowderAlert is ON from Tuesday. It will be an entertaining week from a weather perspective! In this forecast:

  • Snowfall on the border of Italy with Slovenia
  • Snow and low temperatures in the northwest on Thursday and Friday
  • Tricky Saturday and warm Sunday
  • PowderAlert #9 is on its way!
  • Warning: extremely dangerous above the treeline
  • PowderAdvice: Go east!

Heavy snowfall last night
Heavy snowfall last night

Snowfall on the border of Italy with Slovenia

It's snowing heavily on the border of Italy-Austria-Slovenia since Monday. The snowfall intensified last night and it will continue to snow today. Check out the words written on the website of Sella Nevea, the powder paradise of the week:

And a look at the current radar shows that that announcement is there for a reason. It will still snow the next couple of hours, but the sun will come out tomorrow. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be great days.

Snow and low temperatures in the northwest on Thursday and Friday

A weak cold front will pass the northwest and north of the Alps on Thursday and Friday. It will bring somewhere between 5 to 20 cm of snow in 48 hours. The temperatures will be low. It won't be super deep, but enough to provide the snowpack with some extra freshies.

Tricky Saturday and warm Sunday

What happens after this weekend is already clear. A warm front approaches the Alps from the west and the snow line will rise rapidly. I only expect some precipitation in the northern Alps and because the snow line will be deep in the valleys in the morning, but will rise to around 2000-2300 meters in the afternoon, it will be a tricky day. You can ride some freshies in the morning, but the snow will get pretty wet in the afternoon. Sunday will be quite warm, but the cold temperatures will return on Monday.

Higher temperatures coming in from the west
Higher temperatures coming in from the west

PowderAlert #9 is on its way!

It's too early for details, because the models show different scenarios. It ranches from intense northwestern stau, a Genua-low, warm fronts and cold front. But there's definitely more snow coming after a weekend with high temperatures on Sunday and some rain on Staurday. And that's pretty awesome!

Warning: extremely dangerous above the treeline

The avalanche danger remains tricky. Already 38 people died in the Alps because of avalanches this winter. Especially since you can find that nasty old snow layer above 2200 meters in a lot of places in the Alps. It can be found pretty deep in the snowpack, but the recent wind transported so much snow that it might become a problem again. Wind also causes the dangerous wind-eroded snow and the shifting temperatures cause tensions in the snow cover. Unfortunately, the danger is hard to see with the naked eye. No matter how big the stoke is, decision methods and systematic filtering of the risks are the only ways to take calculated decisions. Always check the local avalanche forecast and adapt your plans to it. Avalanche beacon, shovel and probe are a MUST. If you don't have any knowledge, start working on it or go out with a mountain guide.

PowderAdvice: Go east!

It's snowing heavy on the border of Austria, Italy and Slovenia. In the rest of the Alps it's a mix of sun and some scattered flurries. Therefore the following advice:

You can also go out for a tour above the treeline (think of the avalanche danger!!!) in:

Stay stoked, Morris!


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