Glacier of Les 2 Alpes closed due to lack of snow

Glacier of Les 2 Alpes closed due to lack of snow

The ski resort of Les 2 Alpes announced that the glacier will be closed during the French autumn holidays (Les vacances de la Toussaint). The warm summer, the mild autumn and the lack of storms have led to this exceptional decision. Due to the lack of snow, the safety of the visitors can not be guaranteed. In addition, they want to give the glacier some rest to get back in shape before winter really starts.

As a result, the events Enjoy The Glacier 2017 and High Test By Decathlon that were scheduled for the 21st of October and the 1st of November are cancelled. Les 2 Alpes is the second resort with a glacier that made such a drastic decision to protect the glacier (and its visitors). The ski area at the Italian Stelvio Pass closed during summer, but was able to open again thanks to the snowfall in August and September. Unfortunately, Les 2 Alpes didn’t get any of that snow.

Source: les 2 alpes

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AnonymousAuthor22 October 2017 · 21:19

Yea, Kaunertal was also looking rather poor during opening weekend. But at least there is snow on the horizon already! White stripes below the glacier:


meteomorrisAuthor23 October 2017 · 16:44

@@mcfrisk thanks for sharing tour report
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