PowderAlert for the Appenines

PowderAlert for the Appenines

It’s snowing heavily in the Alps, but the snowfall in the Italian Apennines today is perhaps even more remarkable. I briefly mentioned it in the last paragraph of my weather forecast from November 7th: “A storm depression south of the Alps could be the result of the activities in the north, but this depression will have more freedom of movement than our friend Karl and will move to the southeast. This allows the cold air to go south and this could result for the first snow in the Italian Apennines and Abruzzo.”

On November 8th the maps were clear: “And if you’re into something different: check out our snow maps for the Apennines. With all the cold air coming in on Sunday, chances are that skiers and boarders from Florence and Bologna will be able to make their first tracks next week.” Another tip for the lovers of exotic snow.

It’s dumping today

And it’s dumping like crazy today. We had to opportunity to expand our high-res weather maps to the Apennines when we were building the new version of wePowder. I have spoken a lot of freeriders from Bologna and Florence in recent years and I’m sure they’re happy they can find forecasts for their resorts on wePowder now. Pretty cool, because the Apennines are still quite unknown to many skiers and boarders, but when you’re there on the right moment you can hit the jackpot. On the border between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna the Apennines reach an altitude of 2000 meters and it can snow heavily over there. Below some images from today.

Our snow maps show a lot of snow for today and tomorrow. There is more room for the sun on Wednesday. The temperature will slowly rise. However, I think that with a little luck the north faces of for example Abetone/Val di Luce or the Monte Cimone will be good for touring.

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