Avalanche claims victim near La Plagne

Avalanche claims victim near La Plagne

A huge avalanche came down near la Plagne. Two ski tourers were on their way on the other side of the valley. On the east slope of the Sommet de la Combe Bénite, just above Aime, an avalanche of 200 meters long and 500 meters wide came down. The avalanche threw one of the men from a 40-meter-high rock and he was fatally wounded. The man (46) was living in the region.

Check out a map with the location below. On the upper left you’ll see the exposition and on the upper right you’ll see the slope angle.

The friend of the man immediately contacted rescue services (the gendarmes of the PGHM Courchevel) who immediately started the search with the help of a helicopter. The PHGM is calling on freeriders only to leave the slopes in the coming days when you ride very defensive. The last few days there has been a lot of snowfall and the wind transported a lot of snow. The bottom layer is very unstable right now. (source: Le Dauphine). The avalanche danger on Friday was 4 on a scale of 5 (HIGH), but is reduced for Saturday to avalanche danger level 3 (CONSIDERABLE).

This is already the third fatal avalanche accident this week. There were fatal avalanches in Serfaus and Ovronnaz earlier this week.

Our thoughts go out to family and friends.

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