PA#13: Where to go? 90 cm of fresh snow already!

PA#13: Where to go? 90 cm of fresh snow already!

It’s snowing heavily in the Alps since Thursday. First in the northwest, last night in the Hohe Tauern and the next 36 hours the Alpe Adria will be the sweet spot. More about that in the video below. You’ll a list of specific regions for next weekend and a first sketch for the beginning of next week below the video.

Tips for the weekend

It has snowed, it is still snowing and there is still snow in the forecast. You’ll find more information about the regions where you can ride powder the next 72 hours below. The air will remain unstable this weekend and clouds will dominate. There will be some snow coming down locally (especially in the southeast), but the quantities are decreasing. There is some room for the sun, but that is not guaranteed everywhere.

1. Northwest of the Alps
A lot of snow came down already and some more centimeters will fall this weekend. Your best options are the treeruns in the northwest with 10-25, locally 30-40 cm of fresh snow. Think about the following regions:

2. The Hohe Tauern
A snow sandwich brought cold smoke blower pow to this region. Expect 30-50 cm, locally 70 cm of fresh snow. Keep in mind that the wind can be strong and this results in wind-drifted snow. The regions where you could go:

3. Alpe Adria
Last but not least the Alpe Adria. There’s a lot of snow coming down here. Some ski areas will remain closed, like Sella Nevea, which is closed right now. But there are more resorts where you can find great snow:

After the weekend (PowderAlert #14)

The sky over the Mediterranean remains unstable and a new storm is on the maps for Monday. The models still have doubts about the sweet spot and a detailed storm path is still difficult to predict. The storm of last week (snow in the Piedmont) and the storm of today show that the devil is in the details. In other words: it will be colder the next few days, the jet stream is not that strong, but with unstable air over the Mediterranean Sea you can definitely expect a new storm which will bring a lot of snow locally. And that means that PowderAlert #14 is on the radar.

An update about where to go after the weekend will follow on Sunday. Let’s head to the Alpe Adria. Oh yeah, one more thing: did you ride powder this winter thanks to wePowder or this forecast? Become wePowder Pro. Your support is highly appreciated!

wePowder Pro members: thanks for your support!!

We have introduced wePowder Pro this winter. You’ll get extra weather and terrain data for € 25,08 per year (you can not even buy a day pass for that amount in many places). This allows us to further expand our service and we have found a way to express your support to us. Many of the readers of wePowder have done that already and the whole wePowder team and myself are grateful for that. This allows us to keep on developing to make our service even better. Thank you very much!

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Stay stoked, Morris



opisskaproAuthor2 February 2018 · 20:59

We had plans for Warth for this weekend for a long time and it even looked good for powder for a while, buy it got rathet underwhelming. Today on many places only thin powder on a frozen bumpy layer. In Lech higher up a bit better, but everything easily accessible heavily tracked, one would have to walk out pretty far for fresh powder. Still reasonable rides, Lech has huge space for piste to piste lines.

meteomorrisAuthor2 February 2018 · 21:55

@@opisska, thanks for sharing.
StorpotatisenAuthor3 February 2018 · 07:18

As Sella Nevea were closed yesterday, we went to Tarvisio. Not as much fresh as in Sella, but still A Lot! Around 80 cm on top and 40 down below made sure it was deep. Actually too deep as the snow were a bit heavy. Inthe steeps you didnt get stuck, but on the other hand it was real hard seeing anything with so much snow flying around you.
All in all a fun day, but we expected more of it.

Today we ride Nassfeld, hopefully the snow will be a bit lighter higher up.! ?

rippe77Author3 February 2018 · 09:06

Landing in Milan today. It seems it is snowing heavily also in northern Apennites (Febbio etc.) Would that be a good option, or should we go east? Have not ever skied in apennites, what kind of terrain is there and are there any skiable trees?

meteomorrisAuthor3 February 2018 · 11:41

@@rippe77 base is a bit thinner in the Appenines at the moment. But they do have some goo resorts. Winter tires may be useful on the small roads over there. East gets a good layer as well.
@Storptatisen snow will cool off the next days. Are you on an road trip there? For how long?
wlfAuthor3 February 2018 · 13:09

Meribel had 15-30cm depending on aspect which fell throughout Thursday. Friday had blue skies with largely untouched off piste given the visibility the day before.

StorpotatisenAuthor3 February 2018 · 22:14

Yes, currently on the yearly “old-guys-rule” roadtrip… I sure hope snow will cool off, today it was real “hot” in Nassfeld. Lots of releases, but we did not ski any bigger lines. As soon you got into steeper terrain you could expect the fresh snow to release from the hard gliding layer beneath.
All in all though, a great day with lots of faceshots. ?
Now we are in Flattach, hoping they will open up Mölltaler Gletscher tomorrow. ?
Heading back home after mondays skiing.

camillaandersen144Author4 February 2018 · 16:21

Hey @@meteomorris, hope you had a good one!! We sure have had some pretty nice days in Nassfeld, thanks a lot again, for your advise!! So we still have an other week, would you stay here and wait for the next dump, or where would you go? We’re not afraid of some hours by car, you and the PA 14 will guide us! Is is possible to say something, before the article update? We haven’t booked hotel for tomorrow, and and can go wherever, whenever!??

meteomorrisAuthor4 February 2018 · 19:27

@@wlf @@andrewB thanks for sharing @@Storpotatisen thanks for the update Have fun tomorrow. @@camillaandersen144 There is a new storm expected to arrive on wednesday. Stormtrack is getting clearer and chances look good. I think I would stay. An option would be… drive to Abetone on monday (Apennines), shred pow there on Tuesday and then go back to Nassfeld/Sella Nevea for the Wednesday storm…
GuigradelAuthor4 February 2018 · 20:29

Hi Morris
Thanks for the reports… always great to read!!

What to expect for Zermatt for the the days?
The maps are showing different forecasts!!
Is this high pressure in the middle of the Atlantic is blocking the northwest cold fronts?


DovydasAuthor5 February 2018 · 08:31

Hi Moris, would Malga Ciapela be a good choice for this week? We are planning ski from Wednesday to Saturday. Thanks

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