Two ice cold PowderAlerts (PA#17 & PA#18)

Two ice cold PowderAlerts (PA#17 & PA#18)

Hello, I am the Russian Bear and I’m called the Arctic Outbreak in Canada (which I personally prefer). Maybe you don’t know me anymore. I kept quiet for a while. Older riders might still know who I am. Guess what? I’m back! I’ll bring extremely cold days, freezing cold nights and temperatures well beyond your imagination frmo Sunday. I’ll transport cold air from Siberia to the Alps. You’re used to a night with low temperatures, but they will really drop from Sunday.

The western jet stream will be blocked as well. Storm depressions from the west won’t have a chance of reaching the Alps. Only storms in the Mediterranean Sea are tolerated. Storm Sabine and the Russian Bear are going to mix freezing cold polar air with moist air from the Mediterranean Sea in the coming days. This mix will be pushed to the Alps with an eastern current and… Jackpot. The south side of the main alpine ridge can expect snow between Thursday and Sunday and it will get freezing cold right after. It’s an ice cold PowderAlert with cold fresh snow. But do not forget to wear that extra layer. And wear a face mask during the cold mornings. In this forecast:

  • Gray and some snowfall in the east
  • PowderAlert #17: the (south)east and the Apennines
  • A temporary rise in temperature and a lot of fresh snow (PA #18)
  • PowderAlert #18 is for the Piedmont, Trentino and the Apennines
  • Artic Outbreak

Gray and some snowfall in the east

It is gray, it is snowing and it is cold in the east and south of the Alps. If you go to the west of the Alps, the sun is shining, if you go up to 2000 meters and above. Below that altitude it’s also gray and cold. Most of the snow came down around the Hohe Tauern (the south of the Salzburgerland and the north of Carinthia), the Koralpe (the south of Styria) and the Apennines the last couple of days. It’s ON especially in the Apennines. The photo below was shot at 1200 meters altitude.

PowderAlert #17: the (south)east and the Apennines

PowderAlert #17 is in effect for the southeast of the Alps and the Apennines today. It is still snowing today and tomorrow. With the exception of the Hohe Tauern, this is a PowderAlert in not too steep terrain. The ski areas on the southern border of Styria, the southeast of Carinthia and large parts of Slovenia do not have a lot of vertical and the terrain is not as steep as in the main alpine ridge. But please ride with care. The combination of fresh snow and wind will result in wind-drifted snow, making it even more dangerous on slopes steeper than 30 degrees (and there are plenty of faces that are steeper in that region). The Apennines (Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna) are a good alternative. Resorts like Abetone and Cimone will definitely give you plenty of options for a couple of days.

A temporary rise in temperature and a lot of fresh snow (PA #18)

The Arctic Outbreak will retreat between Thursday and Saturday. This gives storm Sabine the chance to push the humid air into the Po-valley through the Adriatic Sea. Cold air will arrive in the Alps from the Balkans and Romania. This will mix with the moist air from the Mediterranean Sea and it will be ON. The slightly warmer air creates a lot of moisture and a lot of snow. You can expect 50-100 cm of fresh snow between Thursday and Sunday (locally even more). The focus will be on the Piedmont, but the southeast of Trentino will also get its share. The temperature will rise temporarily on Saturday (even with a light Föhn wind) on the northern side of the main alpine ridge. You can expect snowfall on the southern side of the main alpine ridge. Once that snow came down, it will get cold. Really cold. And it will get even colder on Monday and Tuesday, especially in the eastern Alps.

PowderAlert #18 is for the Piedmont, Trentino and the Apennines

PowderAlert #18 is in effect from Saturday with locally a lot of snow for the Piedmont, Trentino and the Apennines. The temperaturw will rise on Saturday, but will drop again on Sunday. And what is better than a storm that ends with cold smoke blower? You can expect magical conditions in the larch forests. Let the snow cover grow a bit first, because it has not snowed here for a while. But once the snow is there…

Arctic Outbreak

It will get really cold in the Alps from Sunday to Wednesday. You might expect a new storm for the southwest of the Alps after Wednesday. Until that time: wear an extra layer and enjoy the conditions!

-20 degrees Celcius and even colder at night
-20 degrees Celcius and even colder at night

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Stay stoked.



AnonymousAuthor22 February 2018 · 15:16

Meteo - agree? - Courmayeur March 3 Sat- March 5 Monday > Laax March 6 Tues - March 8 Thurs

I’m curious - where would you go?

tarekbayazidAuthor22 February 2018 · 15:54

Morris, I need you bro. Am in Engelberg this weekend. Looks like they’ll get 10cm Friday night into Saturday, but not enough to make it that good, or erase that they had rain up to 2000 meters recently. We definitely have to sleep in Engelberg, but if my boys and I want to be a bit crazy and chase pow one day, is there anything within around 90 minutes by car that gets us some of this southern snow? The drive to Airolo is 1hr15m, but they’re only showing a bit more snow. Bosco Gurin is close on the map but would take 3 hours to get to unfortunately. If you’ve got a secret mountain pass that can get us to the edge of this southern snow, would be awesome. Thanks dude!!

meteomorrisAuthor22 February 2018 · 17:58

@@tarekbayazid sorry, can’t help you with this one. All resorts that will get hammered are way too far. Hire a guide in Engelberg and squeeze all powder out of Engelberg ;)

@@Skiphilly that’s pretty far away in the future. I would wait another 5-7 days with booking.
AnonymousAuthor22 February 2018 · 18:07

Meteo - Deal :) - I’ll wait for a few more days

PetterAuthor22 February 2018 · 18:46

Arriving in La Thuile on Saturday (staying one week), maybe we get some snow, if not. drive east and then south? Is it possible to reach the deep snow in a 2h drive (one way)?

PA13 was a blast, found a secret location and we did ride first tracks for 4 days thx Morris!!

Snow should always be dry, cold, and free. Like champagne!
AdamSteklAuthor22 February 2018 · 19:02

Hello Morris,
as always, thanks for the forecast. I am thinking about driving (10 h from my place) to Piedmont (particularly Prali) on Sunday and ski on Monday, Tuesday. But I am worried if the resort opens with so much snow and how much will the avalanche danger rise? What do you think? Thanks for your thoughs (maybe tips for other good resorts in that area).

Cheers, Adam

thomaswellerAuthor22 February 2018 · 22:40

Hey Morris…you’re busy with this report! On my way home to Malaga from St. Anton where I’m at currently. For Sunday/Monday/Tuesday if you had one to choose would it be Queyras, Pragelato…or other? Hoping to ski some trees. Monte Rosa is too out of the way unfortunately. Appreciate it as I’ve never skied these resorts…Thomas

HaydukeAuthor22 February 2018 · 23:00

Go easy on him guys . It’s his birthday!

meteomorrisAuthor23 February 2018 · 00:38

@@Petter looks like as of Wednesday/Thursday you will get freshies. And probably some fresh snow the on friday-saturday.
@@AdamStekl most of the time they do open their chairlift. Especially during the weekends. Give them a call, really friendly people over there.
@@thomasweller eastern Queyras will be good, Pragelato is closed nowadays but Prali will be good. Crissolo as well. Just take a look at the resorts in the western and southern Piemonte. They will be all on fire… It’s a laidback region overthere and especially Prali, Crissolo and Argentera are resorts of the beaten track Check this and go explore:
thomaswellerAuthor25 February 2018 · 13:18

Just did 900+metre vertical in ankle-knee deep pow in Abriès…bliss! Snow is heavy but who’s complaining!!!

wlfAuthor25 February 2018 · 15:41

Was in artesina this morning, unfortunately visibility was limited to non existent. The snow I did get to was rather inconsistent, heavy, a bit wet and sometimes a crust. Only got up to about 1700m as lifts closed above that, will venture higher tomorrow plus it’s been snowing all afternoon, so should be a much better day.

meteomorrisAuthor25 February 2018 · 18:22

Snow is getting colder. No to mention the air temperatures. Cold smoke blower pow is coming down here now…
wlfAuthor25 February 2018 · 20:02

Yep, about 10cm fresh light snow here in the valleys and still coming down.

Skiing Artesina tomorrow, and maybe Tuesday off the snow is still good. If not any recommendations Morris? Can go pretty much anywhere within two hours of Turin airport.

[Edit] saw your recommendations above so will look into them. Thanks!

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