PowderAlert #1 is ON!

PowderAlert #1 is ON!

It is now snowing in the French Southern Alps and the precipitation spreads to the rest of the southern Alps the coming hours. All conditions are present for a nice powder weekend on the south side of the Alps. The first PowderAlert of winter 18-19 is ON. The details can be found in the video above. Do not forget to pack your bad weather and sunny weather goggles, because a mix of sun and clouds will determine the weather. And do not forget to enjoy yourself too, that’s what it’s all about. It’s winter again (in parts of the Alps)! Yes!

As wePowder Pro you get access to the 14-day snow and weather maps and the 14-day forecast per resorts (we’ve got all the resorts in the Alps covered). You never have to miss a dump anymore. When you are wePowder Pro you also have access to 1000+ inspirational freeride routes in the most beautiful freeride areas of the Alps. Sign up as wePowder Pro today. It works great for your karma as well and you’ll support the development of the wePowder platform! Thanks!

Thanks to Ortovox for the support of the video forecast!



jonnoyoAuthor23 November 2018 · 22:02

epic morris

Chester_TartsnatcherAuthor23 November 2018 · 22:57

I’m still waiting for the Trump mask and reporting the Flake News.

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BSSKI.chAuthor24 November 2018 · 07:20

?? nice to have you back on my monitor @@morris ! You’re my ?.. let it ❄️!

magicpeachAuthor24 November 2018 · 12:48
you are progressing on something, that's all about
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