New storm cycle from Sunday: PowderAlert #3!

New storm cycle from Sunday: PowderAlert #3!

This forecast is based on the video forecast from Wednesday. Today and Saturday are great days, but the weather in the Alps will change from Sunday. Check out the video forecast and scroll down for more information.

Good conditions

After a 10-day storm cycle that started mildly and ended cold, the conditions in the northwest and north of the Alps have clearly improved. Just a few Insta posts from friends in the Alps:

These images say it all if you ask me. More and more resorts in the northwest and north are opening their lifts this weekend for the first time. This means that complete mountains are still untracked and a first chair will therefore result in first tracks. On the other hand, the snow is tracked in all the resorts that are open. Just dive in our endless list of ski areas (click on the forecast map and look around, there are so many areas to discover) and search those areas that are less visited and will open for the first time in the coming days.

Avalanche danger!

The avalanche situation is still critical. The combination of a lot of fresh snow, wind and a weak old base layer is the cause of this. Outside the slopes you need the right knowledge. Always check your local avalanche forecast and adapt your plans to it. (Tip: you will find a link to the local avalanche forecast from each village on wepowder, but you can also visit this page).

New storm cycle

Above you’ll see the weather map for Saturday. A new storm is heading to the Alps from the west. A warm front moves to the western Alps with a snow line first deep in the valleys on Sunday, but it will rise to 1000-1300 meters in the east and 1200-1900 meters in the west in the course of Sunday. A cold front follows in the night to Monday, causing the snow line to drop again. The sun comes out on Tuesday and the sun is back again. Especially in the French northern Alps, the northern parts of the Alpes du Sud and the west of Switzerland, a significant amount of snow is added. This is less certain for the other areas.

Snow forecast until Monday
Snow forecast until Monday

The sun comes out on Tuesday and you’ll definitely be able to ride powder. PA #3 is ON on Monday and Tuesday, with a strong preference for the French northern Alps, the northern part of the Alpes du Sud and the west of Switzerland. More details on Sunday.

More storm violence or calm weather?

What will happen after Tuesday is not entirely clear yet. GFS, WRF and our model are showing more storms because the jet stream it still focussed on the Alps. The ECMWF model, on the other hand, hints at powerful high pressure that keeps the storms at bay. Something sensible can not be said yet, although the change in direction of ECMWF is striking. More about that on Sunday.

Enjoy the powder and for those who have some time after the weekend: enjoy PA #3.

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tarekbayazidAuthor15 December 2018 · 00:57

Morris, thank you for doing God’s work.

I just got to Chamonix for a week. Have a car and totally willing to drive a bit to hunt the best conditions and mix it up. I know you’re saying after Tuesday we don’t know yet, but thinking for next 4 days to hit:

Sat - Fleger (first day lifts spin)
Sun - Courmayeur (good tree skiing when it’s dumping out)
Mon - La Thuile (good trees if it’s snowing, and if vis is okay we can go rip chill pow in La Rosiere)
Tues - Cervinia (full visibility, go high, and can ski into Zermatt)

Would you do anything different to have a sick 4 days?

Thanks so much man!!

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