On our way to a mild Christmas?

On our way to a mild Christmas?

A new storm is on its way to the Alps. This storm will bring snow first, but will bring rain and warmth later. Change is coming. It was a great day today (Tuesday) after a weekend with snow for the northwest. You could ride great powder in the ski resorts in the northwest of the Alps that got 10-40 cm of fresh snow.

Powfinders in de Arlberg
Powfinders in de Arlberg

I am enjoying the snow (cold and loose powder) in the Arlberg with a group of Powfinders And the conditions are good in more places. The morning was cold, the air dry and the powder of ‘cold smoke blower pow’ quality. By the end of the day the higher clouds could be seen that are now slowly flowing in from the west. A new storm is heading into the Alps from the southwest on Wednesday.

This storm first results in snow in the southwest of the Alps and a rising Föhn in the northern Alps. A cold front will enter the French northern Alps and the west of Wallis in the course of the afternoon. The front is expected in Vorarlberg in the evening. The snow line is around 1400 meters in the west and 900 meters in the east. It will snow in the morning on Thursday in the northwest of the Alps with a snow line around 700-1100 meters. A new front follows in the night to Friday and the transition to milder weather will start on Friday. The snow line rises in the course of Friday to 1400 meters and later to even 2000 meters or higher and that trend continues during the weekend. If you’re looking for powder you should ride your lines on Wednesday and Thursday.

Head for the high alpine for a white Christmas

The trend for Christmas is mild. If you want to enjoy a white Christmas, it is best to go for resorts at altitude. Choose resorts around 1800 meters or higher. Same story for the best snow. How long the mild period will continue is uncertain.

Oh and do not forget to watch the Arc’teryx PowderReport on Thursday

Enjoy some powder on Wednesday and Thursday.

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NicZHAuthor19 December 2018 · 12:16

Thks Morris! I was thinking to go for a ride in Arlberg tomorrow, any tips where the powder spots are?

meteomorrisAuthor19 December 2018 · 14:37

@@NicZH best powder to be found between Zürs and Warth. St. Anton is still a bit thin. Stuben did have a lot of wind.

NicZHAuthor19 December 2018 · 16:34

Thks Morris!

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