PA#10: It's ON Monday in Tuesday in the northwest (and later in the north)

PA#10: It's ON Monday in Tuesday in the northwest (and later in the north)

Some snow will come down this weekend, PowderAlert #10 is coming up and the long-term even shows snowfall for the French Alps and the southern Alps. Check the video above for all details.

First track in the northeast on Sunday morning

Snowfall on Saturday, some sunshine on Sunday. The higher temperature is a point of attention. The freezing level will fluctuate somewhere around 1200-1400 meters in the free atmosphere. This usually means a snow line around 1000 meters, but in the valleys where the cold air lingers it just snows deep into the valley. Rain or snow is therefore very local and very difficult to predict. In any case, you can assume that the snow that falls is a lot more moist and heavier. This falls on a cold snow cover with some snowed in hoar. Therefore, assume that the avalanche danger that is now 2 or even 1 in large parts of Austria and the east of Switzerland will rise fast towards 3. Nevertheless, you can ride fresh (but a bit humid) powder on Sunday. Do not expect cold smoke blower pow, but good old humid alpine snow with a touch of wind. Yes, because don’t forget about that wind. It will provide fresh storm slabs above the tree line. The regions for Sunday morning:

Rens de Wild ((c) Roy Mosterd)
Rens de Wild (© Roy Mosterd)

Next alert with colder snow on Monday

A cold front flows into the Alps from the northwest on Sunday afternoon. The focus is primarily on the French northern Alps and the west of Switzerland. The snow will expand to the entire northern Alps during the course of Monday. It becomes considerably colder. Because some relatively milder air flows into the Alps on Sunday, there is enough moisture available to ensure significant amounts of fresh snow from Sunday to Monday and on Monday itself.

It’s ON on Monday between the trees in:

Tuesday starts sunny everywhere. Cold powder and sun. Most snow in the northwest, some cold powder on top of the heavier snow in Austria from Saturday. These are the regions:

The avalanche danger becomes a concern in all these regions. There will definitely be a lot of surface hoar. There is heavier snow coming down first and light snow coming down later. Especially that heavy snow on the layer of surface hoar will become a point of attention. The wind will also be strong above the tree line from time to time. Enough elements that will sharpen the avalanche danger in the coming days. And then there is always the old snow problem in the west of Switzerland and the French Northern Alps.

You can certainly ride great powder until Wednesday. Then there is another storm in the forecast that will take care of snow. All sorts of scenarios are now running and it is difficult to say something about it (yet).

Long term: snowfall for the western and southern Alps?

Depressions are increasingly finding their way to France and the Mediterranean. The jet stream is obviously choosing a different course, but whether this will result in a lot of snow in the near future is still not sure. A new update with more news on Sunday.

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joe.biondino@gmail.comproAuthor26 January 2019 · 13:04

Hey Morris,

Doing a week powder chasing and flying into Zurich today. It’s unclesr how to play the next 48 hours. Any suggestions of trees that will catch the best of the snow?

Thanks for wepowder!


SamSamAuthor27 January 2019 · 21:37

If anyone is planning to ski/surf on tuesday in the Vorarlberg region, I will arrive in Langen am arlberg tomorrow evening and am looking for powderbuddies to share the stoke! +32498617603

camillaandersen144Author28 January 2019 · 08:49

Hey Morris! Hope you’re heaving a great start of the season, shredding lots of pow pow!❄️ When will next update be? We have three weeks of chasing powder, starting now. Going wherever. Plan is to book today and leave tomorrow. Already spent two weeks in Japan in beginning of January, and would of course love to hang out in Europe this period. But actually, we have been considering going back to Japan, if that’s where the future (read snow) looks brightest. A little bit concerned about the base in chamo/ courma area, even though it will be a little dump there theses days. What would you do?? Thank you so much for excellent guiding so far???

meteomorrisAuthor28 January 2019 · 13:47

@@JoeBiondino from Zurich you should head to Engelberg on Tuesday. Fresh snow and sun coming through. Might be busy though, so I would suggest some of the lesser know resorts around Engelberg. Wednesday you should head west and Saturday might be really good in Airolo or St. Moritz.

@@camillaandersen144 saw some of your pics passing by on Insta. Looking good. Next update will be live within a few minutes. The weak layer in the west is definitely something to be aware of. Don’t go to steep. Will at least need 3 storms to get this old weak layer buried in deep enough. Since you’ve been already in Japan I would reconsider your thought to go there again. Two of these trips in one winter isn’t that good for your carbon footprint karma ;). What I would do? Start in Zetral Suisse on Tuesday, go to the Aravis on Wednesday/Thursday, have a coffee in Aosta on Friday, shred some amazing lines in La Thuile on saturday and wait for my new forecast… Long term isn’t looking that bad. There are some long term runs that do indicate another snowmagaddon. Snowpack in Austria and some parts of Switzerland is amazing at the moment. With only some extra snow on it it will be excellent.
camillaandersenAuthor28 January 2019 · 22:54

Hey and thank you so much for taking your time to give me som detailed advices, I really appreciate it!! For some reason it looks like I have two accounts in here, got me a bit confused. Anyways, you´re absolutely right regarding the carbon footprint karma. Your plan sounds really good, haven´t decided yet, but If the snowmagaddon (my new favorite word!!!) strikes, that would be so, so good!!! - in the meantime, may the powder be with you too!! ;)

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