Cold, but milder later with a lot of sun!

Cold, but milder later with a lot of sun!

Yesterday was a powder day in … Central Switzerland. Only at the last minute did it become clear where the front would drop the most snow and so we continuously monitored the measuring stations on Sunday evening. We drove into the valley of Engelberg on early Monday morning. The sun was already visible in Luzern, but the view on the Titlis was not yet optimal. But because the parking lot was almost empty, there was no powder panic. The sun came out at the end of the day. A wonderful powder day with 30-50 cm of fresh snow came to an end.

But it didn’t only snow in Central Switzerland. A cold front penetrated into the Alps on Sunday evening and that resulted between 10 and 30 cm in many places, but locally even 50 cm of fresh snow. Monday was still cloudy in many places, but the sun showed itself more and more towards the end of the day. A high-pressure area called Hannelore will take over and will determine the weather in the Alps until the weekend.

Pretty cold at first

It is still cold on Tuesday and Wednesday because cold (er) air is still hanging above the Alps. The days are sunny and the sun is warm, but the nights are cold. It will get warmer during the day from Thursday and the freezing level will rise towards 2500 meters or higher.

Tuesday and Wednesday are still powder days

You can still find great powder on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Swiss northern alpine ridge, Vorarlberg, the main alpine ridge of Austria and the Italian Lombardia, Dolomites and Alpe di Giulia have had enough for a few days of powder pleasure.

Time for a tour from Thursday

A large part of the accessible powder in the vicinity of the lifts has already been tracked from Thursday. You will also have to look for northern slopes above 2000 meters for some cold powder. If there is nothing to be found within your ski area, you can still go on a tour. There is much to be found with touring skis and split boards. But please note that we’re getting closer to spring, which means you’ll have to be aware of the influence of the sun on the snow cover. So start your days early!

Stay stoked



RobrobNamnamAuthor19 March 2019 · 13:42

Hi Morris,
You ain’t been talking about the long term forecasts.
Doesn’t sound good, does it?

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