Powder during Easter?

Powder during Easter?

Normally, a thick pack of snow comes down around Easter every year. Sometimes even deep into the valleys. Again this year?

We can stop thinking about powder deep into the valleys straight away. The jet stream crawls around Europe with a wide arc, keeping cold air well away. A thick pack of powder then? It remains practically dry in the Eastern Alps and the western and southern Alps are subject to some clouds up to and including Easter Monday. They can cause some precipitation locally, but it is difficult to predict where.

Dry snow above 3000 meters

Only on Easter Monday does a storm of some magnitude start heading for the Alps. This storm, which will be located south of the Alps, draws in moist and very mild air. The result is that the Po-plain is filled with clouds and is pressed against the Alps with a southern to southeastern current. Due to orographic cooling, this produces snow in the south above 2000 meters. But this snow will only be dry above 3000 meters. Really something for the high alpine areas.

No powder, but slush during Easter

At the same time, there’s a Föhn on the north side of the Alps and it’s mild, very mild. No powder during Easter this year… The best weather will be in Austria and later also in the east of Switzerland. It will be Easter slush or you’ll have to wait until the post Easter storm has settled and you can look for some fresh snow in the high alpine.

This was my last video forecast of this season, but if significant snow presents itself then of course you can read it here on wePowder. Happy Easter!

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HinkelsteinAuthor17 April 2019 · 16:51

Seems that the seasons almost over, so thank you for all the valuable Information you provided along the winter!

meteomorrisAuthor17 April 2019 · 18:11

@@Hinkelstein, thank you. I hope there will be some snow coming in the next few weeks. If not, I’m planning to go to Svalbard in May. Winter ain’t over yet.

jamietipladyAuthor18 April 2019 · 09:24

Thanks for all of the forecasts again this season. Would you guess that the storm to the south on Monday will bring snow above 2000m in Grand Paradiso park? Does that area get enough cooling?

NidhuggAuthor18 April 2019 · 13:40

Hi and thanks a lot for all your good advice this and several seasons before!

This time of year I tend to start looking towards northern Scandinavia (perhaps not Svalbard, but Lyngen, Lofoten, Narvik, Riksgränsen). Can you give any advice for this region regarding the coming weeks?

tomabensAuthor18 April 2019 · 14:56

Thanks for all…not an unforgatable season but thanks to you morris we had some very good powder day…
4 years that we are following your repports, we will be back next year!!!

8611Author18 April 2019 · 23:37

Skiing pistes as we speak morris but really enjoyed your forecasts during the year and managed to get out for one of the powder bonanzas in austria in January, was amazing to see so much snow.

Looking forward to next season already, thanks once again for your excellent forecasts.

NicZHAuthor19 April 2019 · 13:50

Thanks Morris for your precious tips, was a good winter excepted this warm february month. Of course if we compare to 2017/2018 “Millesime”…
I enjoyed new Swiss family resorts powder hounds like Tschiertschen, Bivio and Meiringen.
Looking forward for next Winter and discover further new spot!

janniAuthor24 April 2019 · 16:45

Will you bring a little forecast for the upcoming weekend? ?
Looking forward! Thanks for an awesome season with great forecasts!

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