Some snow in the high alpine, colder in Austria

Some snow in the high alpine, colder in Austria

On the flanks of a high-pressure area, cold air will make an attempt to reach the Alps in the coming days. It doesn’t really succeed. Although the cold air hits Austria, there is certainly no question of a winter raid. However, the collision of cold and hot air causes an increase in rainfall. This will cause some centimeters of snow (locally even a few decimeters) particularly in the high alpine in the coming week.

Our snow map is somewhat optimistic for the layman. What you see below is the snow that is expected. There is also wet snow in there and it will soon disappear again. West of Innsbruck in particular, the cold air will not get a grip on the Alps and the snow will only remain above 2500-2800 meters.

It gets a bit colder east of Innsbruck later in the week, so we can expect snow there lower on the mountain. That too is only temporary, so assume that 90% of the snow you will see on the map above will not make it through the winter.

A new gigantic Atlantic depression puts a big dent in the cold air that comes from the north at the beginning of this week and it will warm up again with a southwestern current in northwestern Europe and the Alps. This will continue until the coming weekend.

Colder and snowfall after November 3rd?

Calculations indicate that the above depression will only pass the British Isles early next week. At that moment, colder air is transported to the Alps via the western flank of this storm. Chances are that the snow line will drop and we will see snow for the lower parts of the mountain. Not that winter kicks in immediately, but it could be the first signal of king winter.

ECWMF, Thursday November 7th
ECWMF, Thursday November 7th

It can be seen above when cold air (green) can descend from the storm via the western flank and reach the Alps with a western current. Our long-term snow maps also show this. Are you wePowder Pro? Then [the long-term snow maps( are really something to keep an eye on for the coming week.

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