PA#5: Xmas will be white!

PA#5: Xmas will be white!

Christmas is white this year. The conditions are already good in the west and south of the Alps and with the new snow of the next three days the conditions in the Northern Alps will defintely improve.

Therefore. where to go?:

  • Southern Alps: touring and hiking for fresh snow. Super base and delicious treeruns
  • Western Alps: excellent conditions. Best above the tree line, but also some nice treeruns in the French Southern Alps
  • Northern Alps: conditions will improve. Boxing Day becomes the day with lots of fresh snow. Base for treeruns is often a bit thin.

Stay stoked



StorpotatisenAuthor23 December 2019 · 14:20

Such great news, thanks!
And the long-term looks awesome as well. Fingers crossed now!

maxskiAuthor23 December 2019 · 23:10

Superb Morris, thank you for the clear update

meteomorrisAuthor24 December 2019 · 09:26

Be aware that snow and freezing levels today (Tuesday) will go up to 2000 meters or even higher in the Western Alps en 1700 meters in the Eastern Alps. The highest temperatures are expected in the Pre Alps. Inneralpine valleys will stay cooler and snow and freezing levels will drop during Tuesday evening.

The milder temperatures will destabilize the snowpack today. So layers that were still good during the morning can be significant risk during Tuesday afternoon. Ride hard, ride smart.
maxi_mountainAuthor25 December 2019 · 20:00

Hi Morris,
first of all, thanks for your great forcasts.
Do you think Fieberbrunn will be a good idea tomorrow or should we head to an area with a higher altitude?

PeterLondonAuthor25 December 2019 · 20:43

Many thanks for the fantastic map of the alps, showing the different regions! I’ve been looking for such a map for years really, as I could never really grasp which descriptions applied to which areas.

meteomorrisAuthor25 December 2019 · 21:50

@@PeterLondon thanks
@@maxi_mountain there are better options. We’re you coming from? Arlberg is pretty good at the moment
SamUsherAuthor26 December 2019 · 08:00

Hey Morris.
Love the forecasts. I’m going to spend a few days in the Pyrenees but struggling to find your forecasts. Can you point me in the right direction. Stay stoked
Telemark Sam

meteomorrisAuthor26 December 2019 · 09:31

@@SamUsher take your skitour gear or splitboard with you. It will be sunny and rather mild.
maxi_mountainAuthor26 December 2019 · 16:39

Hi Morris,
we are from germany and only went for one day, so arlberg would have been too far. But Saalbach was great as well. The base may was a bit tiny but 30 cm of freshies on top were great!

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