Sunny weekend, powder alert #10 coming up!

Sunny weekend, powder alert #10 coming up!

We have some problems in the studio today. Therefor I decided to record my weather forecast in an old-fashioned way. Below the summary:

  • powder alert#9 was deep in places
  • a pretty sunny weekend coming up with good snow to be found
  • there will be some higher clouds
  • but the biggest problem are the wind slabs that are still very sensitive and reactive
  • check your avalanche message and adjust your plans accordingly
  • intense storm cycle from Monday
  • Especially Tuesday a lot of wind with closed lifts as a result
  • harsh weather above the tree line
  • therefore skip Monday and Tuesday
  • the wind will decrease from Wednesday: powder alert # 10 will be ON!
  • Wednesday-Thursday deep treeruns in the northwest
  • still uncertain after Thursday: milder again or a new storm

Enjoy your weekend

Your Powfinder, Morris



MarcoLocatelliAuthor9 February 2020 · 16:33

i like the old-fashioned way ! thanks Morris

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