FWT Fieberbrunn results; Marion Hearty wins world title

FWT Fieberbrunn results; Marion Hearty wins world title

With crucial points in the world title races, a spot in the line-up for the finals in Verbier and qualification for FWT21 all on the line, the world’s top freeriders threw down their best at FWT20 Crunch Time. Sunny skies and deep powder were on full offer today in the Austrian Tyrol as Fieberbrunn’s steep and technical “Wildseeloder” venue hosted superb action at the second to last event of the season.

As tight world title races continue to play out in the other categories, Snowboard Women crowned Marion Haerty (FRA-1st Place) as FWT20 Champion for the third time in her career. Here’s what went down in Fieberbrunn:

Snowboard Men

Nils Mindnich (USA-1st Place) came out of the gate in stylish form sticking a 360 at the top of
the venue, followed by a huge and critical straight air off of one of the faces biggest features,
then transferring to switch with a frontside 180, followed by another 180 into a smooth 360, then
finished off with two more nicely floated airs to take the win. The local, Gigi Rüf (AUT-2nd Place)
smoothly landed a frontside 360 and perfectly stuck a 360 to double drop out of the lower
couloir. 3x world champion, Sammy Luebke (USA-3rd Place) started things off by going deep off
of the central top cliff and sticking it perfectly, which he followed by a smooth transfer straight
into another big air.

« I didn’t believe it when I was down I saw my score, I’m so stoked! Two riders before I dropped
were thinking about changing their lines, but I thought, dude get out of your head, just stick to
your plan and see what happens. »

-Nils Mindnich

Ski Men

Craig Murray (NZL-1st Place) guaranteed his place at the finals in Verbier and FWT21, starting
things off with a perfectly floated big 360 at the top of the venue with loads of exposure below,
followed directly with a big mountain line through the central cliff, then stuck a misty flip off of the
left side spine, followed by another extremely fast and fluid straight line air, then a nicely floated
transfer, followed by another huge straight air into the lower powder. The rookie, Isaac Freeland
(USA-2nd Place) grabbed his second podium in a row to land himself in the top overall position.
His run included a smooth 360 at the top of the venue and two nicely floated straight airs in and
out of the lower couloir. Hank Bilous (NZL-3rd Place) secured his first trip to the finals in Verbier
with another mind blowing run that included a fluid drop into the skiers left couloir, then
outrunning his own sluff he stuck another straight air, then transitioned to a step-up 180 cleanly
riding out switch.

Following today’s results, Isaac Freeland (USA-2nd Place) will head into Verbier sitting in 1st
Place overall, taking the yellow jersey from Kristofer Turdell (SWE-17th Place). Check out the
full rankings of the riders who qualified for the finals at the Xtreme Verbier and FWT21.

«I’m super happy it worked out, can’t believe to be sitting on the hot seat. It’s been a tricky
season for me but I ‘m super stoked to have trusted myself today, trust my skiing and put myself
on the line. I think I’ve been a bit lucky on some places for sure but it feels really good,
especially from last year.»

-Craig Murray

Ski Women

Despite fighting a recent injury, Arianna Tricomi (ITA-1st Place) got herself back on the top
podium spot with a perfectly stuck big straight air off of the central cliff, then a smooth 360 off of
the skiers left spine and a last big drop into the lower deep powder. Jackie Paaso (USA-2nd
Place) charged her entire line with big mountain confidence to earn herself a place on the
podium and in the finals in Verbier. Jacqueline Pollard (USA-3rd Place) had another strong
performance going skiers right in search of deep powder and finding it executing a few big
stomps on the way to earn her a podium and spot at the finals in Verbier. Following today’s results, Arianna Tricomi (ITA-1st Place) reclaimed the yellow leader jersey from Hedvig Wessel (NOR-NS) who isn’t far behind heading into Verbier. Check out the full rankings of the riders who qualified for the finals at the Xtreme Verbier and FWT21.

«About 3 weeks ago I ripped a few ligaments in my foot, the doctors said the season might be
over but it didn’t feel like it. I decided to try, I’m a physiotherapist so I I knew what I should do to
get fit again, it worked. Coming back with a win is just incredible!»

-Arianna Tricomi

Snowboard Women

Marion Haerty (FRA-1st Place) earned her 3rd career world title and event win of FWT20 today
with the kind of confident and fluid riding she has become well-known for. Her winning run in
Fieberbrunn included airing into the steep and technical upper right couloir, followed by big
slashy turns while perfectly managing her sluff, and a couple of nicely floated airs in the lower
powder to take the win. Michaela Davis-Meehan (AUS-2nd Place) earned herself another
podium and spot in Verbier charging into the steep and technical upper left couloir followed by
smooth and fluid riding down the rest of the face. Erika Vikander (USA-3rd Place) made the
podium and Verbier cut opening up an untracked part of the face, followed by a clean middle
straight line to air. With Marion Haerty’s (FRA-1st Place) win today she becomes FWT20 Champion, but the other
overall podium spots are still up for grabs. Check out the full rankings of the riders who qualified
for the finals at the Xtreme Verbier and FWT21.

«The day was perfect to have fun and enjoy the snow. This is my kind of face, I really like the
mix of big mountain and bowl. Just before coming here, I went in the mountain all day alone,
riding and just having fun. This is why I’m here, for love of the mountains.»

  • Marion Haerty

Snowboard Men - Ordino Arcalís Staged in Fieberbrunn, Austria

Nils Mindnich (USA-1st Place) put a stamp on a top notch day of competing, winning for the
second time at the re-staging of the cancelled Ordino Arcalís event. His run included a huge
frontside 360, followed by a massive backside 360, then a perfectly floated straight transfer air,
and a huge air at the bottom to take the win. Cody Bramwell (SWE-2nd Place) had a nicely
floated frontside 360 and dropped jaws gapping the lower couloir. Blake Hamm (USA-3rd
Place) started things off with a smoothly floated 360 transfer, followed by a frontside 360, and
then two cleanly stuck bottom airs.

Today’s results catapulted Nils Mindnich (USA-1st Place/1st Place) into the top of the overall
rankings as he heads to Verbier wearing the yellow leader jersey with a commanding 10,000
point lead over Victor de Le Rue (FRA-8th Place/5th Place). Check out the full rankings of the
riders who qualified for the finals at the Xtreme Verbier and FWT21.

Check out the current tour rankings and relive all of the action at freerideworldtour.com. Be
sure to follow the FWT social media channels for rider news and competition updates as FWT20
heads to Verbier for the Grand Finale!

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