Top 10 tricks Freeride World Tour of all time!

Top 10 tricks Freeride World Tour of all time!

Check out the heaviest tricks ever thrown on the Freeride World Tour! Tanner Hall, Markus Eder, Fabio Studer, Travis Rice, Craig Murray and more. Just imagine doing stuff like this with the pressure of the contest. Unreal guys! Which trick do you like best?

FWT on wePowder

We’ll continue to stream the events of the Freeride World Tour this season. It will be challenging, that’s for sure. The Japanese and Canadian stop of the 2021 Tour have been canceled due to the evolution of the pandemic and limiting movement between competitions in order to minimize the risks of infection. The two stops might be replaced with two more European stops.

Top 10 crashes

And okay, since the top 10 best tricks are great to watch, the top 10 crashes show that it’s never a walk in the park when trying to set a great score!

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