First 'snowfall' in the Alps

First 'snowfall' in the Alps
It's white on the Mölltaler Glacier (
It’s white on the Mölltaler Glacier (

Winter is coming! It is the end of August and the first little bit of snow in the high alpine has already fallen! With a low-pressure core over Poland, the Alps have ended up in a northern current in recent days and it has snowed a bit, especially in Austria. Due to the cold northern current, the snow line was temporarily well below 2000 meters in some places during the night from Saturday to Sunday. A round of snowy webcams on this Monday afternoon in August:

Becherhaus, Stubaier Alps (
Rudolfshütte, Weißsee Gletscherwelt (
Kaunertaler Glacier. The lifts will open on the 25th of September. (FB Kaunertaler Gletscher)
Wasserfallboden at Kaprun (
Martelltal, South-Tyrol (
Kühtai (
Leogang (1900m) yesterday morning (
The high pressure area over Great Britain will expand further over Europe in the coming days. So we don't have to expect winter weather anymore (, DWD)

More snow in the forecast?

The snowfall is a nice wintry surprise for a while, but not more than that. Until Wednesday it will remain unsettled, especially in the Eastern Alps, and some snow may fall higher up. After that, all signals are green for an Indian summer and winter in the Alps is nowhere to be seen for a while. So we have to be patient for more winter weather, but slowly but surely we are really heading towards autumn!

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