Another layer of fresh snow in the Alps

Another layer of fresh snow in the Alps
A beautiful night at the Konkordiahütte in Switzerland with fresh snow and the full moon
A beautiful night at the Konkordiahütte in Switzerland with fresh snow and the full moon

After a beautiful Indian Summer, the weather in the Alps has changed considerably over the past weekend. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, a cold front from the west has caused a rapidly dropping snow line. The western Alps were the first to wake up yesterday with a layer of fresh snow. During the day, the precipitation also expanded further east and today the higher parts of the Eastern Alps have also been transformed into a white world.

Les Arcs yesterday morning
Fischeralp yesterday morning

Mountain passes closed

Locally, the snow line dropped below 2000 meters. As a result, several mountain passes, including the Furkapass and the Sustenpass, had to be closed temporarily. It was not cold enough everywhere to lower the snow line that much. Especially in the Eastern Alps around the main alpine ridge it often only snowed (well) above 2500 meters.

Jungfrau Region
15 centimeters of fresh snow on the Kaunertaler Glacier today
A layer of snow has also fallen in Sölden, where the lifts are open on the Rettenbachferner
Heavy snowfall at the Wasserfallboden in Kaprun this morning
Around the main alpine ridge the snow line is quite high, as here in the Langtaufertal (Italy)
Temperature deviation at 1500 meters altitude before the end of the week

More snow?

How will it continue? Until the end of the month we should not expect large amounts of snow with a low snow line. Under the influence of a vast area of high pressure, it will be sunny again from the middle of the week with temperatures (slightly) above normal. It is, after all, only September. It is still too early for the real serious snowfall as a base for the winter season. But hey, winter is definitely on its way!

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pharrisAuthor20 September 2021 · 12:06

i have a big smile on my face

ArjenproadminAuthor20 September 2021 · 16:19

Oh yeah!

One day, they'll invent synthetic powder, ban all kinds of work and give you a free liftpass...
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