Live: finally some snow in the French Southern Alps

Live: finally some snow in the French Southern Alps

Slowly but surely, I became more and more nervous in recent weeks. Because after the fine retour d’est of a few weeks ago, there was almost no snow in the French southern Alps. My Grenier à Neige seemed to lose against the North and West Alps. But that came to pass last Saturday! 50 cm of fresh snow at 2000 metres is perhaps in stark contrast to what has fallen in the rest of the French Alps. But skiing is possible and there is more to come.

Sharks and avalanche danger

Let’s be honest, the snow was wonderful, but this thirst thick layer fell on a thin underlayer gave us several problems. Firstly, the avalanche risk. The cold had completely transformed the thin layer into cohesionless snow. The ideal weak layer. That was also proven by too eager locals last weekend. And there are still quite a few sharks swimming under this snow cover. So we chose to walk up on the grassy slopes of the still closed ski area of Pelvoux. The skiing was no less! As you can see here!

lives in the French Alps. If there is even a little snow, he can be found outside to catch up with us afterwards.
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