TEETH: freeriding the Dents du Midi

TEETH: freeriding the Dents du Midi

This is the new short film by Paul de Groot and Loïc Isliker: “TEETH”. The film was actually supposed to premiere last week at the Freeride Film festival in Tuschinski, Amsterdam, but corona had a different idea. So that’s why the film is online, because big screen or not, the footage is sick!


Last winter, Paul and Loïc shot a short film after the episodes on the Hidden Faces YouTube channel as a “grande finale”. TEETH is about conquering the legendary mountain “Les Dents du Midi” in Switzerland. For the less French speakers among us: dents is French for teeth ;-). An iconic massif that is clearly visible from both France and Switzerland from the large ski area of Les Portes du Soleil. After years of having this in mind, they finally succeeded in making this dream come true.

Editing and filming themselves

Like all shorter episodes of Hidden Faces, the guys ski, film and edit everything themselves. The combination of skiing and filming made the challenge all the more challenging. A small team of two skiers filming each other at the same time is extra flexible. Something that comes in handy in this day, because during this pandemic it has proven difficult to push the boundaries or get bigger teams that are capable together. They approach this mountain from the south (back) for the ascent, staying overnight in Refuge les Dents du Midi which is just above the glacier behind the teeth. The next day the goal is to ski two couloirs in one day. You can see how the men manage that in the film!

was born with maps of ski areas in the cradle and has visited almost all of them. His great passion is freeriding.
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