PA 1: Powder in the Hautes Alpes!

PA 1: Powder in the Hautes Alpes!

It has finally arrived. So much snow that we no longer have to think about sharks. Deep light powder! It was wonderful today. PA1 has already fulfilled its promises in the French Hautes Alpes. We hiked up in Pelvoux today, this one-lift wonder opens its lifts next Wednesday due to the lots of snow! (Highly recommended!). For now, we didn’t have to share the powder with anyone else. We enjoyed faceshot after faceshot. However, the avalanche danger is very high at the moment, so I would advise everyone not to go near 30° steep slopes. The season is still long enough for those slopes!

lives in the French Alps. If there is even a little snow, he can be found outside to catch up with us afterwards.


rich_a_potterAuthor11 December 2021 · 12:01


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