Hidden Faces - Episode 8!

Hidden Faces - Episode 8!

The wind hammered through the alps in different directions and ruined all the plans we had. After scoping multiple lines and discovering nothing was doable we decided to drive east in the hopes for more and better snow. After some research, it looked like Pizol could be a good option. We drove four hours and visited Pizol for the first time. Also there the wind affected the snow a lot and the Avalanche risk was considerable. Therefore we invested one full day to make a plan, check the snow conditions and the snowpack. Day 2 was forecasted to be a very warm day, that’s why even in mid-February we really need to quick and get off the mountain before noon.


A note: Safety is the nr 1 priority in Freeriding, we think communication is a very important topic. In German we told the guy at the top lift station what we were up to, and he promised to keep an eye on us. Also we said we would give a heads up when we were back.



JelmerDAuthor20 February 2022 · 21:45

Wat een toffe aflevering weer! Leuk om te zien wat jullie doen aan de veiligheid en planning.

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