Saharan dust and cold moving towards the Alps

Saharan dust and cold moving towards the Alps

The western Alps got some fresh snow last night, but overall, the Alps remain under the influence of high pressure, so we still won’t see large amounts of snowfall in the upcoming week. It will be mainly dry with rising temperatures and maybe less sun than expected due to Saharan dust in the air.

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stauchaserAuthor14 March 2022 · 12:48

Henri, how does 6 powder alerts by mid-march compare to a median winter? I think we’ve seen seasons with dozens of PA’s in total, just not lately

juancarlosdominguezlemoineAuthor15 March 2022 · 15:09

I have the same question.

8611Author15 March 2022 · 15:16

Should be snow fall stats available for the resorts which could be compared. There would rarely be a powder alert for less than 20cm falls, also maybe when avalanche conditions / wind or temps afterwards too high, so measuring powder alerts would be imperfect.

I do agree its been a bad year though.

HenriAuthor15 March 2022 · 21:12

I agree with the comment of @@8611. The amount of powder alerts can give an indication of how good a winter was, but it depends on more factors. I realised I could’ve given some more PAs in the beginning of the season, I was maybe a bit too reserved (since this is also my first year doing the PAs). We saw the almost endless dry period in the French and Italian Alps, an extremely dry and bad winter for the southwestern Alps and also many periods with not that much snowfall on the northern side. So yes, you can say the winter was quite bad, but don’t focus too much on the exact number of PAs.

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