Powder Alert #7 incoming!

Powder Alert #7 incoming!

Good news! We are at the end of this extremely long dry period. This week will bring some very interesting weather. Today will be a last warm and sunny day, Saharan dust will play a role tomorrow and later this week we will see quite some snowfall! By the end of the week, winter strikes back and we can expect even snow all the way into the valleys!

knows everything about new ski areas, lifts and projects.


powstriaAuthor31 March 2022 · 12:41

@@Henri - Thank you for this. When do you think it will be possible to better understand hotspots (at least in West Austria - Tyrol/Voralberg)?

HenriAuthor31 March 2022 · 12:52

@@powstria we have an update today: https://wepowder.com/en/forum/topic/284780

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