Jimmy Petterson - the last of the great ski bums

Jimmy Petterson - the last of the great ski bums

A story about Jimmy Petterson who could have spent his life as a teacher, molding young minds and preparing the next generation to take over our world. Instead, to his father’s great disappointment, he has spent most of the last 50 years as a ski bum.

The ultimate ski bum

Jimmy’s obsessive pursuit of the ultimate ski run and the perfect powder dump has led him to take jobs including ski instructor, off-piste guide, travel guide, slopeside singer-entertainer, bar owner, hotelkeeper, travel arranger and most recently ski writer and photographer. He has skied on all seven continents and in more than 70 countries covering 500+ ski resorts during his search for ski nirvana, and his work has been published in 20 of those nations.

Last season he met four fellows from Sweden who share the same passion for skiing as Jimmy. This is a story about a friendship that spans over generations and a tribute to the Scandinavian ski culture.

was born with maps of ski areas in the cradle and has visited almost all of them. His great passion is freeriding.
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