Interview with Max Palm: the new star in the FWT, Black Diamond athlete

Interview with Max Palm: the new star in the FWT, Black Diamond athlete
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© Freeride World Tour - J. Bernard

Max Palm has recently turned twenty, has a long skiing career ahead of him, but it is already an
integral part of the FWT. Last season he made history by landing a double backflip during his first
participation in the FWT in Baqueira Beret. The first in the history of the FWT. And he also had a wild
card. Now that’s making an entrance!

Max, what were you thinking when you started that descent in Baqueira Beret?

I was thinking that I was living the biggest dream and that this run could change my life. It was just a
wildcard event, I knew I had nothing to lose. So I went out of the starting gate with a big smile,
because I knew I was about to reach a dream line.

How did you feel when you saw your score?

I don’t even remember, I was so happy and shocked, I think I didn’t even realise my score at the

This season you have a permanent place in the FWT. How do you estimate your chances?

I just want to ski, because skiing is the best thing in the world. I’m going to have fun and show my
love for skiing.

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© Freeride World Tour - K.Listl

Do you feel fear at the top of a FWT or other hard descent?

No, I don’t really feel fear, I’m more exited about a run. Because I know what I’m going to do, I know
exactly how to do it, so I have 100% confidence in myself.

You naturally set a new standard with your double backflip and are therefore a symbol for what young riders will bring in the future. But what can you learn from the ‘older’ riders?

I have so much to learn from the “older” riders. They have so much experience on snow conditions,
avalanche risks, how to handle media and much more.

(c) Freeride World Tour - L.Loye
© Freeride World Tour - L.Loye

How did you come into contact with freeriding and what does it mean to you?

I have always been in contact with freeride, it has always been in my family. My mom is a 3-time
Scandinavian freeride Champion. My dad is a mountainguide who travels the world to find the best
snow. And my uncle Sverre Liliequist is one the pioneers of freeski in Sweden. So it was natural for
me to find my way into freeskiing.

When did you start skiing competitions?

At first I was an alpine skier, so I competed in the gates from age 7 to 13 and then started freeride
competitions at age 15.

What does an ideal ski day look like for you?

My dream day is: A big bluebird powder day. Start in the morning on the snowboars with huge turns and my lines and
many face shots. Than, get something to eat and go out in the afternoon to ski some lines, if the
conditions are not that dangerous. Otherwise go find some jumps and shredding in the resort.

What do you enjoy more, a day of competition or a day of shredding with friends?

100% a day shredding with friends. For me skiing is all about the passion and love for the sport. Being
able to share a good powder day with some friends is the best thing in the world and puts the biggest
smile on my face.

(c) Freeride World Tour - L.Loye
© Freeride World Tour - L.Loye

Do you have any goals as a skier outside the FWT, certain descents, trips, mountains or tricks?

Yes, I do have many. Film projects and stuff like that. But my biggest goals is to do this sport as long
as I can and always have the same joys that I had when I was 5 years old.

was born with maps of ski areas in the cradle and has visited almost all of them. His great passion is freeriding.
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