Great season kickoff Pays des Ecrins, French Alps

Great season kickoff Pays des Ecrins, French Alps

Several years ago here in the Pays des Ecrins I was always in the right place. There was always a lot of snow, we had not yet skied all the powder or another dump was already falling. But last year in particular it was very sparse. A small dump in December, a mini-dump in January and that was about it. But with the current start to the season, let’s not think too much about that, because what a lot of snow has fallen since the beginning of December. And more snow is coming!

Enjoying the larch forests

It immediately feels like old times again. White roads, thick snow on the parking lots and my old familiar larch forests. Because of the high avalanche risk, we stay far away from all the steep slopes but that was not to spoil the fun because deep powder and larch trees that equals an intense feeling of happiness!

More snow

The fun isn’t over after last week and now this week because PA2 is coming up with a special-mention for the Ecrins, so I’m pretty sure what I’ll be doing next Friday!

lives in the French Alps. If there is even a little snow, he can be found outside to catch up with us afterwards.


Ed48Author19 December 2022 · 09:24

Nice! We been chasing powder in Tyrol, not much snow as all, catching stones every descent, so after one day skiing we decided to wait until more snow to come.

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