Hidden Faces EP14: a strike mission to Italy!

Hidden Faces EP14: a strike mission to Italy!

After a dry period in the Swiss Alps, we were desperate to ski soft snow. We decided to head south for better chances on good powder. The forecasters told us to go to the Piemonte in Italy, and yes it was dumping! Paul found a picture that he made 7 years ago, that one came in very handy because with the new snow a very tempting looking face. After skiing the test face in Pragelato on day 2, it was time to go for our main objective!

was born with maps of ski areas in the cradle and has visited almost all of them. His great passion is freeriding.


PjrAuthor18 March 2023 · 19:34

Great film, and awesome location. It’s a shame the Pragelato lifts are closed as that mountain is supposed to be lovely. Perhaps the new owners of Via Lattea will add it to their ski area……

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