Plenty of action at the FWT in Fieberbrunn!

Plenty of action at the FWT in Fieberbrunn!

Following a false start earlier in the week, the FWT Finals kicked off in style today in the Austrian Tyrol. Athletes held nothing back in the penultimate event of the season, facing off on the legendary Wildseeloder mountain – one of the most technical and challenging venues on tour – with mounting pressure for rankings points. Here’s what went down in Fieberbrunn.

Snowboard men

Jonathan Penfield (USA) kept his consistent season alive with a fluid line to take the win. He aired
into the approach of the Häusl cliff, before taking a cross-court transfer at high speed. Jonathan then
packed the lower section with clean airs and rode out to victory. Ludovic Guillot-Diat (FRA) held on to
his gold bib with a distinctive creative line to gain him second place, with Liam Rivera (MEX) rounding
off the podium.

“It was hard coming here in low snow, but we waited for the conditions to improve, which they did.
The run was super fun. I was a little hesitant picking my line, but this morning it looked good to go,
and I did all the drops I wanted to. I did plan to do more freestyle tricks, but the take-offs were not
always there, so I was stoked to put down a good freeride line today.”
- Jonathan Penfield

Snowboard women

Katie Anderson (CAN) linked pristine powder turns into a close-out cliff and finished with a clean
bottom section with multiple airs to claim the top spot. This is her third win of the season, putting her
out of reach of the rest of the field to claim her first FWT world title. Hometown hero Manuela Mandl
(AUT) finished in second place – sadly announcing her retirement from the FWT – followed by Anna
Orlova in third.

*“The snow was great, and this face is super cool, so it was great to have a good run. I ended up
changing my line, and found myself in the white room a lot, so I couldn’t see all the take-offs, which
was a little scary at times! It doesn’t feel real [to be world champion], but I am very excited – I could
only dream of this.” *- Katie Anderson

“This is my last run on the Freeride World Tour. I love you all, it is a great family. It has been a lovely
experience, but I think it is time for new faces, and to leave the stage for the next generation. There is
so much progression happening, and I very much look forward to seeing this from a different
- Manuela Mandl

Ski women

Arianna Tricomi (ITA) claimed back what she has become accustomed to over the years, first place in
an FWT event. She showed her true freeride skills up top, accelerating into an extremely technical
zone with pace and confidence, and linked this with a trademark 360 in the lower section. Justine
Dufour-Lapointe (CAN) gained the overall rankings lead with a solid run to finish in second, with
Megane Betend (FRA) finishing third.

“I had a lot of fun with my run. In some parts, the snow was a bit crusty, and other sections were
good, so I came out with a lot of speed at times. My goal was to do a 360, which I did, so I really
enjoyed it. Being back on tour is magical for sure!”
- Arianna Tricomi

Ski men

Andrew Pollard (USA) delivered a fluid run from top to bottom, starting with a cross-court 360 at pace
above the Häusl cliff, before sending it deep off the nose. He linked this with multiple features –
including another 360 and some huge airs – to finish first. Maxime Chabloz (SUI) completed an
exhilarating run, full of high-speed tricks on the edge, to claim second, with Oscar Mandin (FRA)
finishing in third.

“It was a long week waiting for the conditions to be right, but we proved that the weather window
works and that sometimes delaying the start is the best thing to do. I was happy to put down my run,
which is always harder on a long venue like this. I didn’t think I could win anymore with all the young
kids on tour, so I am just grateful to be here in Austria and stoked to win.”
- Andrew Pollard

The first event of the FWT Finals did not disappoint, with athletes choosing big lines and creative
features to impress the judges and spectators alike. Relive all of today’s action at, and be sure to follow the FWT social media channels for all the latest
news as it drops. The Yeti Xtreme Verbier is up next – March 25 to April 2 – offering athletes one last
chance to secure points and claim the world title.

was born with maps of ski areas in the cradle and has visited almost all of them. His great passion is freeriding.


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