New version of wePowder website

New version of wePowder website

It’s early November, and we’ve finally finished the latest version of wePowder. That took a little longer than we had expected, simply because you occasionally encounter things that you had not thought of beforehand. For example, we had to do a lot of work on the weather model (which we run every night).

Forum and marketplace

We have made some adjustments to the forum. The marketplace has been completely separated and has now become a separate part of the site. We have also added richer formatting options, so that it is now easier to properly format a trip report, for example. Because everything has been completely updated, annoying double entries are also a thing of the past.

wePowder Pro and Academy

We are launching a new wePowder Pro subscription. The new Pro subscription has been expanded with the online version of the wePowder Guide and the online modules of the Safety Academy (module 1 and module 2). It is also possible to opt for a banner-free version of the site.

Were you already wePowder Pro? Then you now have a forecast subscription. Nothing has changed in terms of content. Have you already purchased a Safety/Mountain Academy? Then from now on you (also) have an Academy subscription. There are no costs involved if you have previously purchased one or two modules. You can find more information about the new memberships here.

What’s next?

The site is now completely ready for the future, especially at the back end, and it really was a hell of a job, but it was completely worth it. But obviously, we’re not there yet. We’ll continue to improve the website and we’re currently working on updates. If you have suggestions, please let us know! Some of you already e-mailed about the favorite resorts and specific weather data. Thanks for your feedback, it’s highly appreciated!

Let’s have an awesome winter!

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Claus PetersenAuthor8 November 2023 · 14:16

Why can’t I see my favorites any more, and no 14 days forecast ??

kongman28Author8 November 2023 · 15:19

Where have all the details gone, especially for the webcams. If I click a resort I get a blanks page.

floj089Author9 November 2023 · 14:12

Why can’t I see my favorites any more, and no 14 days forecast ??

Claus Petersen - 08 Nov. 2023 14:16

same here … can’t see favorites or 14Day forecast on my iphone

charleshenrinicolasAuthor9 November 2023 · 16:58

Very nice and beautiful new version of the site. Well done !
Still cannot find the favorites anymore, neither the freeride routes on the different domaines. Also, compatibility with smartphone is difficult and not 100% (cannot change the forecast by days). Congrats and keep on !
Best regards

DavidPlatzerAuthor10 November 2023 · 14:37

Hi so far the site looks great.
But it seems like you removed the visualized snowline in the resort-specific precipitation, i found that to be very usefull.

would be great if that would come back.
best regards

ArjenproadminAuthor10 November 2023 · 19:06

@all Thanks for all your comments. Favorites are back and we’re working on more weather graphs.

The next couple of weeks we’ll continue improving the site. So please keep it coming, we really appreciate your feedback!

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