Live: powder!

Live: powder!

It’s not even mid-November, and I’ve already experienced the first deep powder again. There has been heavy snowfall in the Alps. Today, in Puy Saint Vincent, as you know, my home area, there was about 30 cm of snow at 1800 meters, and that on a solid base. So, put on the touring skis and let’s go!

Amount of snow

The amount of snow quickly increased. At 2000 meters, there is a total of about 70-80 cm of snow. These are impressive amounts for this time of year. Also, it would have to be very unusual for this snow to disappear. From here, we really have a good base for the upcoming season. And that’s also the altitude where, due to the rugged terrain in the high mountains, we really need the thickest base.


During our climb, we were amazed by the cold powder, even though it had remained relatively mild in my village at 1000 meters. Well, we’re not complaining. However, the wind threw a spanner in the works for the more ambitious plans I had for this weekend. It stormed in the morning above 2000 meters. So, above the tree line, wind slabs formed rapidly. I also saw two avalanches that had come down completely on their own somewhere in the last 24 hours. This indicates that the snow cover is currently not very stable. It makes sense, though, given the substantial amounts of snow and wind we’ve had.

So, be cautious and restrained in the coming days if you venture into the snow. The season is still very long and looks very promising with the base that’s already there. Stick to the less steep slopes where there are no large boulders and enjoy the first snow of the year. The steeper slopes aren’t going anywhere!


That’s it for my observations of the snow cover. You probably want to know how the descent was? (Probably not if you’re not in the snow yourself). Because that descent was delightful. Deep powder, smoothly gliding powder, and we were completely alone! The season has truly begun! I’m excited!

lives in the French Alps. If there is even a little snow, he can be found outside to catch up with us afterwards.


TropicalistAuthor10 November 2023 · 23:14

Wow, whoop that looks amazing! ☃❄

pharrisAuthor13 November 2023 · 13:11

soooooo good!!!

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