Snow down to the valleys this weekend?

Snow down to the valleys this weekend?
Klosters - Madrisa (1800m) on Monday (feratel)

It was a changeable start to the week with snow mainly in the Northwest Alps. The snowline was quite high on Monday, around 1800-2000 metres in most places, occasionally at increasing intensity temporarily below 1500 metres, but a nice layer of snow fell higher up anyway: 10 to 20 centimetres, locally also 30 centimetres.

At the moment, we see this precipitation during the night from Monday to Tuesday in Austria moving eastwards. Also higher up in the Austrian Alps, some 5 to 15 centimetres will fall until Tuesday morning.

Some warm days

Over the next few days, the temperature rises again and it remains pretty much dry. Tuesday during the day we will see some remnants of this snowfall in Austria (especially in the eastern areas), but it will start to clear up here as well in the afternoon. Temperatures rise to as high as 20 degrees in the valleys, with around 8 to 10 degrees at 1500 metres Wednesday during the day. Some precipitation is still possible on the northern side on Thursday, especially for Austria. Snow only falls from 1800 - 2000 metres, around Salzburgerland possibly a bit lower as well. The amounts still vary a bit at the moment, but some 10 to maximum 20 centimetres could fall again.

A cold northwester could bring snow to fairly low levels over the weekend (DWD)

Back to winter weather from Saturday on

This is likely to be followed by a dry and warm Friday, but from Saturday onwards the weather seems to change considerably. A strong northwesterly flow can bring a nice amount of snow on the north(west) side. The snowline can drop into the (higher) valleys, likely below 1,000 metres. The sharp temperature decrease is clearly visible in the ensembles, but how exactly the precipitation will turn out remains to be seen. Possible PA material therefore! More on this later this week!

ECMWF ensemble for Geneva (Wetterzentrale)
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DegusvastaAuthor21 March 2024 · 17:19

Hi @Henri, soon an update?

HenriAuthor22 March 2024 · 12:52

@Degusvasta today!

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